Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Shoes That Will Never Be

Her attempt at being a rocker :)
Ahhh.... the shoes.

This whole look (the outfit & the shoes) lasted for about 1 minute. Seriously.

Yesterday my mom, Maeve and my brother drove up to Great Lakes Crossing- this HUGE mall that has just about every store you could ever imagine. It was good fun :) I found this pair of TOO CUTE hot pink converse sneakies for Maeve. I've been trying to find her a good pair of walking shoes because she stands and is on the verge of taking steps... she will hold onto things with one hand, lean, lean, lean and take a step, then boom, shes on the floor. Anyways this mall had a "Journey KIDS" shoe store!!!! I was in heaven ahhhhhhhh!!!! :) They had everything from baby uggs to baby etnies & Pumas! What??? It was adorable... The store man measured her foot and she is a size 4-5! I thought that was insanely large but he said thats about how big a 9 month old babys foot is. I forced Maeves little piggy toes into about 50 different pairs of shoes just to ooh and ahh over them. I had her try on these sweet brown and pink pumas- (I have a few pairs of pumas so I thought how adorable to match!!!) But then we saw them- (or I saw them): A HOT pink pair of baby converse shoes!! I used to have a pair just like them when I was little so the man shoved them on her feet and they looked freaking adorable so I got them. I was so excited to come home and show Ryan the shoes, he loved them of course :)
Well this morning I was too darn excited to dress Maeve- I had this whole outfit picked out... she was going to look like a little rocker. Well it came time to put the shoes on and we wrestled for about a half an hour before we got the darn things on. Then I stood her up and she plopped down and kicked them off- KICKED them off. WHAT the heck???? I thought since they were tying shoes she wouldn't be able to get them off!!! :( So I've tried several times this morning to put the shoes on and it just isn't happening.
This post is in memoriam to the size 4 hot pink converse sneakers that will never be worn... :(

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Kase and Jules said...

She is such a princess!!! I love her!