Thursday, June 19, 2008

Naked is ALWAYS better!

She just escaped from her room in full nakiness

I called her name and she turned and gave me this "what is it ma?" look...

Daddy caught her... doesn't she have the body of a frog? Big belly, teeny little hips and chunker legs?

She was scrambling to get down...

There's her pout face... daddy caught her and wrangled her into a diaper :)

...especially if you ask Maeve! I am afraid my child might grow up to be a nudist or an exhibitionist or some crazy shizz like that. This kid LOVES to be naked. The second we take off her diaper she gets this surge of energy and she has to crawl all around the house! It's so hilarious because shes got a good amount of chunk to her, so her little booty shakes and her thighs dimple. Its too cute and I love her nakiness. :) Although I do hope in the future like when shes older, she doesn't feel the need to be so liberated. For the moment though, its darn funny.

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Kase and Jules said...

Her body is soooo cute!! What a little babe :)