Monday, June 23, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

The Babes.

Max & Maeve. Just a side note here- Max is only 3 weeks YOUNGER than Maeve!!! Look what a big girl I have! She looks so much bigger than him!!!

Maeve having a ball in her blow up thing.

Ha :) This is Maeve in her bug floatie and Olivia trying to get in to take a pic with her! :) Cute!
Olivia took this pic :) We are 2 sun loving chicks, Maeve and I! :)

I hate Mondays just about as much as I hate dieting or ear infections. When I woke up today I SO wanted it to be Sunday or Saturday. Or I guess any day but Monday because then we'd be closer to Saturday. I had ZERO, ZILCH, NADA planned for today and I was dreading spending the day cooped up in the house with my captain insano child (thats what Ryan and I call her sometimes when she's be crazy... Cpt. Insano) SO Maeve and I went swimming over at our good friends, the Schochs. We are SO lucky to have them as friends, not just because they're great people and have awesome kids, but also because they own an amazing pool! They are so kind in inviting us over there all summer long... when I was big and preggo I basically sat in that pool all summer long with Jessy (who was also pregnant... but not big!). Anyways, I took Maeve over there for lunch and a little swim session today. It was fun getting out of the house and seeing other babies :) Maeve loved it and now she's conked out in her crib which is always a good thing! So this Monday was pretty nice.... Now if I could only think of something kick butt to cook for dinner.

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Becky said...

You are so blessed to live by other familes with babies! I dont live by anyone with babies so it sucks. It is hard to try and find things to do but we end up going on a lot of walks, shopping and going to parks :) Thank goodness its summer and we can do all these things! I haven't been brave enough to go just w/ me and Kerith or put myself in a bathing suit (i just tried on my bathing suit pre-preg...scary.) but we live by the beach and I know Kerith would like that..we will see. :)