Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday Night in J Town

The Man and I:)

Me & Dr.Beth (I have a friend who's a doc!!!)

Standing in front of the track. I look like I'm wearing this giant apron/smock thing... its a really cute shirt- I swearrrrrr!

On most Saturday nights its pretty much guaranteed that Ryan and I will be at home either in bed (watching TV...) or on the couch. Sometimes we go out for dinner, just the two of us, for what we like to call "date night." But we don't really get to do that too often. So much to our excitement we were invited to go to the horse races in downtown Jackson last night. First off, I was thrilled to actually have plans of some sort, second, I had NO idea that there were harness races in Jackson! Haha... I thought it was the darn Kentucky Derby or something- I got all dressed up and was so excited to hopefully win some big money... yeeaaahhh.... It was the most hickish thing I've ever been to! Although I did have a lot of fun ;) But these people get so crazy into their horse betting stuff its insane!!!! Ryan and I bet a couple dollars on each race... and on the very last race we won $25 bucks. That was pretty exciting. Go Bam Bam Larouche!!!! (Thats the horse that won it for us:) Anyways, I think we might go back again some Saturday night because it did kill a lot of time and it was really cheap entertainment and food.

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Nicole said...

Wow- another blogger from Jackson! Nice to "meet" you! I found you from... uhm.... oh Allison and Roberts blog. Your little girl is adorable.