Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Big Getaway! :) Haaa....

No really, I am super excited about this... Ryan and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend (2 years)- our "real" anniversary is July 1st but its on a Tuesday and thats not fun. So we enlisted the help of my mom and dad to watch Maeve and we've decided to go to Detroit- haha- for one night! We are big spenders! Somebody stop us!! :)

We're staying the night at the same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night (and last year on our 1 year anniversary) so thats pretty cool. My parents always make fun of us for wanting to go back to that hotel- they refer to it as the "airport hotel." In all honesty, it's an awesome hotel- and we always feel like big shots when we go there. There is something about the airport and all the bustling, comings and goings of people that makes you feel important. We always get a room that overlooks the HUGE McNamara terminal- they have these giant (I MEAN GIANT) windows that you can sit and watch the airplanes come in and take off. I suppose the thought of all those planes leaving to various places is also an appeal... its like you're SO close to being somewhere else! All that's stopping you is a paper ticket :/

Well....since I'm not preggo this year and unfortunately not leaving for Maui tomorrow morning(that was our honeymoon), we wanted to do something else besides just staying the night and ordering loads of room service (YUM). So we're going to the MGM Grand casino for the afternoon/evening. I'm pretty excited- we go to casinos about once every 2 years! :) As always, I'm anticipating that I will hit this giant jack pot... I can see myself pulling down a handle on one of those slot machines and having streams of money pour out into my bucket!! And of course me posing for lots of pictures as the winner of the 10 million dollar jackpot. I am scheming and dreaming of all the things we would do with our lucky money... we'd take a lot of vacations, buy a new car, a new laptop, one of those little teeny ipods b/c my ipod is like 4 years old or something and huge... oh the things I would spend money on!!!! :)

Wish me luck!!! I will update asap on our casino adventure... unless I really do hit it big- and in that case, since we're staying right there at the airport, I might just hop a plane to Maui and be back in a week- or two- or never. Of course I'd have my parents drive Maeve up... wouldn't that be awesome??; If Ryan, Maeve and I just up and left for an island? I try to live by this one song lyric of J. Johnsons "Don't let your dreams be dreams." But I think my island dream is one that will remain a dream for awhile.

Below is the website for the Detroit Westin- for all you haters out there who think its some dumb airport hotel :) Its really probably one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in... and I am pretty well traveled.

The Detroit Westin


Kase and Jules said...

Awwwwwwwwww I hope you have fun! Can't wait to see pics!!!

The Paulk's said...

That's great! We stayed at a Westin (in Chicago) before we left for our honeymoon to Aruba 3 years ago. Of course it was great (I mean it was our wedding night and all :)) but we had a bad experience there--there was a "Sex Convention" going on that weekend (NO KIDDING) and naked people walking around with whips and nasty faux leather thongs and lingerie EVERYWHERE! I thought that crap was illegial! :) Hope there's no sex convention at yours this weekend!!

Have a great time! (and of course win tons of $$).