Monday, June 30, 2008

A Hundred Bucks Doesn't Get Ya Far

Ryan stocking the mini bar with our cake and champagne :) YES!!!

The Westin is famous for its giant "heavenly" beds. Yes, they're giant and yes they're heavenly... I had to show them off :)

SEXY CAN I??? Right... this is in the morning and I must say woooooo hooooo I am a looker!
Awww.... this is the top layer of our wedding cake... it got a little smashed in the car... but it was still the best dang cake ever!

Soooooo sleepy after the casino and dinner. I guess we're still on "Maeve" time or something! :)

Hello! I am back from our Detroit/Casino/Anniversary getaway! All in all it was a really pleasant time spent with my dearest and nearest. We left Jackson a bit late... and neither one of us had eaten lunch so we stopped in Ann Arbor and got some take out and ate it in the car- doesn't sound like a big deal right?? Well you're not going to believe this, but it was the FIRST time EVER, EVER, EVER that I had eaten a meal in the car. I've eaten a granola bar or a pop tart in the car, but I get extremely car sick so I've never tried actual "food". It worked out just fine though :) I did get a teeny, weeny bit nauseas, but I popped a pill and all was good :) Ryan was really proud of his wifey for chowin' down in the car :) He said it should speed things up on our next road trip- but nooooo, we will still be stopping and going inside for food. Anyways we got to the Westin, checked in, dropped our stuff off and headed for the casino. We got lost in Detroit (go figure that one) trying to find the MGM grand... so we just ended up going to the Motorcity Casino. We each took 40 bucks and found the 25 cent slots machines. I stuck in one of my 20's and on accident bid the max- it was like a 16 dollar bid!!!!! So in the first minute- no 20 seconds- of playing the slots I was already down $16.00. POO :( But I figured out how to work the darn thing and then both Ryan and I got really lucky- he won $40.00 (on top of the 40 he had spent) and I won $60.00 (on top of the 40 I spent) so we walked out of the casino with a profit of 100 dollars exactly :)

Like I said in the title to this post, 100 bucks doesn't get you too far- and in our case it didn't even cover our dinner... We ate at this super fancy resturaunt in the hotel called "Dema." It was good enough I guess, but when the bill came I about threw up everything I had just eaten... blah- for 2 of us our bill was over 90 bucks... there went our winnings!!!

As for our night in the actual hotel room, we ate our anniversary cake- (every year we get the top layer of our cake remade by the same guy who made our wedding cake... we're such saps!) exchanged cards and rented one of those "still in theater" movies. It really was very relaxing and we had some great bonding time :)
In the morning we put on these robes and walked around our room like we were kings and queens or something! We ordered this monstrous breakfast feast and ate in our pjs which was fun. And then the time came to check out and leave our fantasy world behind.

Today, I was slapped back into reality real quick- the house is a filth pot- floors need to be swept/mopped, there are groceries that need to be bought and I have a screaming, teething child clinging to my leg. I've got her morning applesauce stuck to my shirt and that nasty formula stink in my hair. Diapers are piling up in that dang diaper genie (why the heck they call it a genie is beyond me- don't genies make things disappear??? Because every single one of those smelly diapers is packed in there, waiting for me to dump them...) Welcome to mommyhood right? :) Ughh as unglamorous and filthy, stinky and frustrating as being a mom can be, it is REAL. And thats something that for so long has eluded me... I have this ultimate responsibility to raise a child and even though it scares the hell out of me, its something that I open with welcome arms and a learning spirit. So enough of the fantasy getaways and island dreaming... its time to be real with what I've got... and what I've got is more fulfilling than anything I could get from money or wealth.

Sorry to get so deep at the end of all that- I guess I should have just said I missed Maeve and am glad to be home fulfilling all my mommy duties. :)


Kase and Jules said...

ASH! How fun! I am glad you are back, yippee! You look beautimous in EVERY picture, girlfriend :) Looks like you and Ry had a great time. You two are so sweet!

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! That's a neat idea to get the top layer of your cake remade every year.

Becky said...

I'm glad you had such a fun time!! :) I haven't left Kerith yet overnight...ahhh, i need to do that but I freak out just thinking about it. Yeah..we don't get out much :) ha!