Friday, June 13, 2008

I Am So Crafty! :)

The St. Patty's Day Pail I made for Maeve :)
I bet you didn't know this about me... I LOVE crafts. Not like the glitter and popsicle stick kinds but I love sewing, making blankets, anything with pretty ribbons, and food deco stuff. I used to be a cake decorator so I am really into baking and making pretty cakes and cupcakes... But my newest project has been Maeve's Holiday Pails! I got this idea out of "Womens Day" magazine... (no I'm not 90 years old!!! Just a momma!) Anyways for every holiday or special event, I have or am going to make her a pail. So far, I have one made for her birthday, St. Pattys day and vacation... The point of them, is to set them out the morning of the special event (kind of like stockings) and fill them with little goodies that she can use for the day! For example, for her vacation pail, I am going to put a little coloring book and crayons, stickers, sunglasses, and some little treats for the airplane ride... (keep in mind this is for when she is older... like maybe 2 or something...). For her birthday pail, I will put in new chapstick, maybe a special bracelet or necklace... just something little for her to start her special day off with! My mom used to do that stuff for us- not put it in decorated pails, but like for vacations, she used to make us "mile bags." For every 100 miles or something like that we'd get one and it would have little treats in it and activities to keep us busy on the road. And for our birthdays, or kind of lame kid holidays like St. Pattys day, she'd have new outfits for us all laid out at the breakfast table... so we could go to school in styyyyle :) Haha! So anyways, I decided to continue the tradition, just make special pails that my kids can anticipate getting on those so called "special" days! I'm having a blast making all the little buckets and I've even bought some extra for my "future" kids, if I am so blessed to have more!! If you are interested in making them, they are SO easy!! You just need a glue gun, ribbon and a pail of some sort.. I found really cool pails at JoAnns for like 2 bucks. Anyways you just hot glue ribbon all around the bucket and decorate it in themed colors and then write the kids name on the top... tadah! Special Holiday pails! :)

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