Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Chickie Pox???

I think my baby girl has the chicken pox!!!!! WHAT???? I thought kids didn't get that until they were exposed to other kids at school!!! Yesterday, before we gave Maeve her little pool party, we noticed she had some bug bite looking things underneath her right arm. But we brushed them off as being mosquito bites... well then this morning (after a fitful, restless night of sleep for Maeve) she woke up with bumps everywhere!!! They're the worst on her diaper area but I swear they are multiplying by the second. I just snapped a few pictures so you guys give me your opinion!!! We are waiting for a call back from the nurse healthline... I guess I am just scared its NOT chicken pox and its some sort of horrible rash... but honestly, it looks just like the pox to me... and really, her little bumps are multiplying- every time I look at her shes got new bumps! The good news is she doesn't seem too bothered by them... she is a bit fussy but she's been that way all week b/c of her ear infection.

Okay the doc just called back and he wants us to take her into the ER. :( I am pretty upset... say some prayers! I really thought it was just chicken pox- I am praying its not something else!!! :( Say prayers for little Maybug!!!!!

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Kase and Jules said...

OH NO!!! Maevey!! PLEASE contact me somehow and let me know! I will check Facebook all day or email me, whatever! Poor Maeve :(