Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back From the ER

This is my baby's poor thigh/leg area... I swear its getting worse by the second!

She's still a happy bubba though! Even though her poor little cheeks have hivey looking things all over them :(

Sooooo we spent our morning in the sick as all get out ER. Actually we had relatively quick service getting triaged, into a room and seen by a nurse. But the doctor part took FOREVER. The only reason we took her into the ER is because her doctor is referring all patients to the ER just this one particular weekend. What luck we have! So anyways, I was thinking its gotta be chicken pox because these things are appearing by the second... all over her! But when the doc. came in (actually it was one of those "pretend" doctors... the P.A.'s- which don't get me wrong, I know they are smart and all, but when I go to the hospital I wanna see a DOCTOR. Just like when I go to the doctor and I have to see the freaking nurse practitioner. Lame.) he said he didn't know what it was. He said she definitely had a yeast infection from the antibiotics she was just on, but as far as the spots/pox go, he said it was hard to tell. So he said give her benedryl, keep her comfortable and see your regular doctor on Monday. Thanks PA! I could've pulled that diagnosis out of my butt! I DO watch a LOT of ER and diagnosis X, thank you very much! :)

Ugh... I guess I'm just a bit frustrated because of all the money you pay into health insurance and we just spent a fortune being told to give Maeve benedryl and see her doc??? Why couldn't a nurse have told me that on the phone? Ohhhh yeah- because this ONE weekend, there was no nurse hot line... all patients had to go to the ER. Bunch a bull I tell ya.

Anyways I am thankful Maeve is fine and I guess we're just waiting until Monday to see what these spots are. My motherly instinct tells me they're chicken pox though. We'll see if I'm right ;) Now I am off to scrub the sickness that began seeping into our pores the second we stepped into the germ pool known as the ER.


Kase and Jules said...

I am glad she is happy still! It looks like hives to me...I don't know though. Might be some kind of food allergy I am thinking....who knows! Poor Maevey poo.

Ashley said...

yeah they look like hives to me too... but only on her hips... the rest of her is covered in tiny little bumps...