Monday, May 5, 2014

To My Cousin

 Miss Mads...

I cannot believe you are getting married this weekend!!

Bear with me while I get all nostalgic... but I totally remember playing doctor, and hair stylist in  your basement by the glow of that giant (awesome!) fish tank.  I remember putting you to bed and then playing Nintendo while waiting for your parents to get home.  I remember all of those Ladwig  gatherings, and always being thrilled when your family showed up... you were a "cool cousin" and therefore you earned a spot in the basement of whatever house we were taking over for the night.   

Life was so sure back then.  I miss it sometimes.   

I remember being SO excited when you started taking ballet with my mom.  And I've watched you in every recital since then (I think!).  You went from this cute kid to this beautiful dancer with some crazy talent.

I've seen you turn from just my "little cuz"  into one of the most kindest, sweet souled girls I've ever known.

You're genuine and your heart is bigger than the cavity that holds it.  Don't ever lose that compassion.  The world needs more of that; more Maddie's.

I was so excited to meet Tyler last year at Disney World; and even more thrilled that he's a fabulous guy that totally passed the "LADWIG" test ;)  You guys are going to be AWESOME together.

I'm slightly depressed because I can't be there this weekend to see you walk down the aisle.  I can't imagine it, because to me you're still my little cousin.  And it feels like I've watched you do everything.  At that same time, I know you're grown and more than ready for this and I have butterflies thinking of all the greatness your future holds.  I cannot wait to see you grow, bloom and blossom in this new phase of your life.  You've rocked everything else; I'm prepared to be blown away by your grace, entering into this new chapter in life.

I am so proud of you.  I am honored to call you my cousin and can't wait to bawl my eyes out while looking at all of your gorgeous pictures that come out of this weekend.  (side note- wasn't I JUST taking your senior pictures???)  Which leads me to this last embarrassing/sappy note from your old, shriveled up cousin...

Time.  It goes so fast.  A blink, and its gone.  Savor every moment of your wedding day; take in everything.  Catch the twinkle in your mom's eyes, the pride (and perhaps loads of tears) on your dads face.  Remember the love you feel walking towards Tyler.  Capture it; save it for those hard days.  Embrace your friends and family that have come to celebrate with you and feed off their love; for you are SO, so loved.

You shine bright Mads;  I can feel it 2000 miles away.

Love ya girl,
Your (way old) babysitter/cousin/friend/admirer-
Ash xoxo   

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trish joughin said...

oh, ash. this was just the most perfect letter to maddie ever. such sweet thoughts, wishes, and hopes for her. you (and your family!) will be missed very much this weekend. love you all. trish