Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

I am the most restless person ever.

I have a list of goals and "to-do's" that would make a motivational speaker cringe; and its their JOB to get you motivated, doing stuff.  It's great to have goals- its actually wonderful.  But what's better is following through.

I do this awful thing where I just keep compiling; dumping into the bucket list instead of crossing things off.  This leads to me feeling unaccomplished and swamped.

 On a completely different note:

This morning we were getting ready for church; typical rushing around at its finest.  And Henry comes walking out of the bathroom with scissors.... and no hair.

 Like NO HAIR.

Ryan had to take him outside and buzz it to the scalp.  I'm horrified.  It's stupid hair.  But good grief kid!  Henry's wandering around the house looking for his hair, wondering why he can't have it back.  We're reassuring him he's the same boy, still just as handsome, and obviously still a pirate regardless of his hair (or lack of hair).  

If I can suck up the guts, I'll post a picture... right now he looks like a Holocaust survivor and I don't think I want to remember this, ever.

Anyways, Sunday thoughts. 

The end.

Have a RESTFUL, scissor free day. :)

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