Monday, August 12, 2013

and just like that.

She's two.

Without fanfare, the clock will move its arms, and time will tick on.  It feels like there should be a ball drop or something?  I mean, really, where does time go?

Estella, the joy and dynamics you've brought into this family are practically indescribable. 

You've been like the missing piece to a puzzle we never knew had a hole in it.  And you fill it flawlessly.

You're sneaky and wild.  You have a personality that could fill a football arena and then some. 

You are smart.  Scary smart.  And you're independent.  Anything you can do by yourself, you do.  Like when you want something to drink and I'm not paying attention;  you scooch the chair over to the fridge, and clunk out a piece of ice.  It will do long enough until I notice and get you an actual drink ;)

You love brushing your teeth.   Well, more like sucking on the toothbrush.  But its still a favorite pastime of yours.  We often find you with your brother and sister's toothbrushes sucking away. 

You adore being naked.  Which yes, Henry and Maeve enjoyed a nudity stint as well, but you take it to a whole new level.  It fits so well with who you are though.  Wild and free!  If we permitted it you would never wear a diaper or clothing again.  It drags you down... we get it ;)

Your curls get me every. single. day.  I can't get enough of them.  Please don't ever cut them or straighten them... They're you, in hair form. ;)

You're fearless in the smartest way.  You don't take risks that you're not positive about.  I love that about you. 

You are the biggest lover.  Always giving hugs and kisses.  That's why its impossible to get upset when you do stuff like.... dumping out the brand new box of cereal.  Or, pulling out all of the baby wipes.... or, throwing my phone in the bathtub.. yup.  You did that.

Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets and watermelon.  We're having both for your birthday dinner.

My most favorite thing to do right now is sit back and watch you play with the little people.  Your tiny fingers gripped around them, making the zebra talk to the monkey.  Or having an entire gang of people and creatures take a flying bus ride.   It's priceless.  I take far too many pictures of your little people playing. ;)

You love television.  UGH.  My fault, my fault.  But it does captivate your every sense!

You repeat words like a parrot.  I've tested every baby name on you... example, "Stella, can you say Mary?"  And you repeat in your sweet Stella way, the best you can.  Adorbs.

You remind me so much of your auntie, Emily.  It's freaky.  But kind of cool. 

You love baths, hate showers.

You can swim!  You're two years old and you can swim!!!  That's amazing my girl!

 You love wearing Gigi's jewelry.  The clinking and jangling of a wrist full of bracelets is like heaven to you.

Even though I'm pregnant with your little sister, you still feel like the baby.  And it's one of those bitter sweet life lessons I'm trying to deal with right now.  Pregnancy hormones don't help.

You have callused Flinstone feet, out of control curly hair, a button nose and a mouthful of (sharp) teeth- oh yeah, you're a biter.  Every piece of you is like melted butter to me.  :)  I would pause and hold you forever if I could. 

Miss Estella June.  Thank you for keeping me on my toes, filling our home and hearts with that squishy love, more than I thought was possible. 

  I can't wait to see the things you do in this world.  If its anything like your first two years, we're in for some great things.

Love you to the moon and back, and back again.


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