Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful, Day 5/ I Heart Faces "Orange" Challenge

For the record... I am rockin' NaBloPoMo this year!  WAHOO! 

On this 5th day of November, here is what I'm thankful for: 


Okay. To be honest, when am I not thankful for her (or my other babes)? It would be the typical thing to do; to list your kids, husband, faith, (essentially the most important things in your life) first on the whole November thankful thing... but I didn't want to place my kids before Ryan or one kid before the other, or vice versa. So today is Maeve's day. Tomorrow will be who knows what... and in a few days it will be Henry's day and so on.

Thankful seems too insufficient a word when thinking of my kids. "Thank you Lord for giving me these kids." Just crazy. It's more like "Thank you Lord for giving me my world."



The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

And want some random Monday night facts???  Probably not, but here we go anyway:
  • my photography.... I've done a major switcharoo.  I've always used my name to back it (Ashley) but time has called for change.  I needed something that expressed my take on photography... And that's how "Sugar Snap" came to be.  I'd love you forever if you'd mosey on over to my facebook page Sugar Snap Photography and give it a "like."  When I reach 600 likes I'm giving away a free session... which could mean big things for you Saint Augustineers ;)
  • I am about 2 seconds away from booking a trip to Washington.  The Pacific, the rain, coffee, fog and trees are calling my name.  The only thing that's stopping me is that whole money issue.  But mark my words... one day- ONE DAY- I will sip coffee, holding hands with my love, wearing a chunky scarf, beneath the drizzling rain overlooking the pacific. 
  • Every time my nephrologist calls with results on my urine or blood, I'm terrified they're calling to inform me I need to go back to the hospital.  I feel like I'm out on a warrant or something.
  • For awhile my kidney issues were annoying (and my gosh they still are) but now they've taken a sort of scary turn.  I don't think its any secret that we want more kids, eventually.  And the reality that I'm getting older and my body is doing weird things... its just scary.  My mom had her last baby at 35 (her 5th) and had MAJOR complications.  I don't think we're up to having 5... but definitely 4.  And the thought that I could be facing some of those same complications is terrifying.  Where did my youthful body go???
  • I'm thinking of starting some online photography classes.  Like me, teaching them... I absolutely do not mind giving advice out at all (and please don't stop asking questions!) but it struck me that I could do some skyping, class outlining, and teach a few peeps the basics while making a little extra cash.  Would anyone be interested in that?  It would most definitely be affordable (probably 50 for 3 lessons) and include some actions I use (like my eye sharpening stuff)...  I'll have much more detailed info if and when I decide to do it.
  • Ryan hasn't slept in our room in a week.  God bless him.  He's coughing like a mad man.  I miss him being next to me... like right now :(*   Sickness you can leave our house like...yesterday.
  • Tell me this... what do you feed your kids for breakfast?  Is it cereal?  Or do you go all out with eggs, pancakes, etc.? 

I think that's all... light a pumpkin candle, listen to some "Death Cab for Cutie" and relish in this beautiful season of thanksgiving.

Happy Monday!

 then, she {snapped}


k and j said...

fun stuff!! i feed my kids waffles, pancakes, eggs and cereal. we just switch off. i NEED to get them eating oatmeal now that it's cooling off but im sure they will hate it haha. i am trying so hard to feed them healthier ahhh.

Susi Kleiman said...

Hi Ashley. I'm new here. Came over from Rachel and her linky. Love, love, love these shots. And did I read this right you are in St. Augustine? I'm down in Boca! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl!