Monday, November 12, 2012


Not to be dramatic... but...

Okay, I'm dramatic, we all know that.

But my post on the Dream Jar has truly made me come undone... in a good way.  :)

Reading through your beautiful dreams;  not only have they given me insight into who you are, but they've inspired me even more. 

I'm inspired that there are so many others who dream fearlessly!

Waking up this morning and seeing the slew of comments (and lets face it... on my blog 10+ comments is a slew ;) I had tears... tears for my dreams, tears for your dreams.

It was the most pleasant surprise and I just have to share a few of my favorite comments:

Jenih85 said...
I want to live in Paris for a year. Wanted to since high school. I will someday!!

Rachel said...
I dream of living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, with cats, and bunnies, and maybe a horse, where I eat food from my little garden out back, and walk barefoot through the grass in a flowing white dress with flowers in my hair and sunlight on my cheeks. Where money doesn't matter, and there is no debt, no bills, just clean air and sky. Where my only obligations are dreaming, and reading, and creating art. Where I sleep under an endless blanket of stars, and drown in the hugeness of the universe and the tinyness of myself. Also, Ryan Gosling is there.
Tamara Tipton said...
Moving to Montana sounds wonderful. I wouldn't need to "raise" anything (although a horse or 2 would be great) but just Be. Be surrounded by all that wild beauty.
Getting paid to share my thoughts would be good.
Losing weight and never gaining it back.
Opening a cat sanctuary for abandoned or feral cats. A place of safety where they can just be cats.
My biggest dream is to see my husband pain free. He has been dealing with chronic pain most of his adult life. I would love to see who he would be without it. I know he would be amazing.

Yeah, if I don't get that jar I may have to make myself one. It's a pretty awesome idea. thanks
Monica LaBord said...
My dreams.... Hmmmm my favorite dream would have to be owning the cutest bed & breakfast in the mountains that sat on a massive amount of land. It would be super country chic. I would of course have an amazing garden and cute little chicken running around that would have names like "trudy" "sadie" or. "lord Byron". I would cook most of the food with whatever I grew or raised myself. Anyway... I could go on forever but I would rather put it in a super cool dream jar {hint hint ;) }
In reality, each and every comment hit me in such a sweet way.  I honestly thought I might get one comment, therefore I wouldn't need to worry about doing a drawing for a "winner" or anything.    I feel like all of your dreams are SO worthy of a dream jar, glitter and all!  So I guess I should post an official "contest" type thing:
I'm going to (have to) use the random number generator to pick a winner tomorrow (8 PM) because there is no way I will be able to choose a favorite.  No.  Way.
Tears!  Just tears. 
Keep dreaming friends!
OHHHH and thankful day TWELVE!!!!! 
Dude this is so shallow... but I am thankful for the following, all of which provide me with great entertainment:
  • Taylor Swift
  • People Magazine
  • Twilight
  • Youtube
  • Pandora
  • Adam Sandler

What are you thankful for on this 12th day of November? :)

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My crazy life with kids said...

Your dream jar may have to be added to your etsy acct ;) I might just order one!!