Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • this was a fast week.  That's a good thing.
  • A few potentially exciting things for Ryan and his career have fizzled out.  Bummer.  But that's life.
  • I'm fairly positive if my cat were able to, he'd make out with me.  This cat... is it normal for cats to be like, ON TOP of your face, rubbing noses, pawing at your cheeks in this creepy way?  I mean its kind of cute... but my gosh.  This cat wants me.
  • A few years ago I took a crocheting lesson with my sista from another mista (Angie)... it was the biggest failure ever.  A few weeks ago while in the hospital, I was unable to concentrate on anything; a book, the tv, even my beloved iphone... I just couldn't focus.  I told Ryan one afternoon I wish I knew how to do something mindless, like crocheting or knitting...  Fast forward to yesterday;  I picked up a crochet hook and a bundle of clearanced yarn.  I didn't have a project in mind, just wanted to see if I could remember how to do the stitches.  And I did.  Only the simple ones, but it felt good to do something "mindless" for a couple of hours.  I think I'm going to turn it into a cowl scarf... Anyways.  Cathartic is the word I'm looking for here here.  Crocheting is cathartic for me.
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 is coming out in two weeks.  I don't know how I feel about this.  On one hand, I'm ecstatic. DUH.  On the other hand, this is it.  Like, IT.   Can I just suspend myself in the middle of the pacific northwest, surrounded by some foggy woods in twilight time forever?  Okay... not really, but... come on Stephanie Meyers, give us some more! :D
  • Speaking of Breaking Dawn... they're doing all their promo stuff... which means my tv is filled with the likes of Taylor Lautner & Rob Pattinson... yes... :)
  • Do you keep up with celeb gossip like I do?  Do you talk about them like you're friends?  For example, in a conversation with your husband, would you say something like, "So, you know Kristin Stewart, right?  Rob took her back.  Can you believe this?  I just can't get over it.  He deserves so much better than her.  He's like the nicest guy ever."  And then Ryan looks at me with that lovingly, "you're sort of crazy kind of look" and we both laugh... but really.... What were you thinking RPATZ???  
  • BlogHer highlighted my photography tip post I wrote this week. It was on the front page of the site under the column, "What's Hot."  And when I saw it... my heart stopped for a second.  It was a pretty cool feeling.  It has since been buried by the countless other blog posts that flood the Internet, but I took a screen shot of it, so I can always remember the feeling of someone (or in this case a bunch of people) reading my "stuff" and liking it.  Awesome feeling!
  • "Animal Tracks" by Mountain Man.  Look it up.  It will make you want to live on a prairie somewhere.. raising hens and goats.
  • I started Christmas shopping today.   Each kid has one thing ticked off their list.  Success.
  • Instant gratification:  It's something I struggle with... badly.  I do something; take a photo, write something, set something up, etc.  And I want instant gratification.  I want instant results.  And when I don't get them, more often than not, I'll throw my hands in the air and walk in the other direction.  I came across this quote tonight which is resonating deeply with me: 
 “The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come.”

And look!  I am hanging in there with my Thanksgiving day photo/thankful challenge:


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