Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's rabbit hole time!  Ya ready???   Hold on tight, or let go; I find that to be the more pleasant of the two... ;)

  • Today is a ginormously huge milestone.  I took three children, two of which were fairly sick, to the pediatrician.  Alone.  And survived.  We all did.  I don't know what it is about the doctor; oh wait, yes I do.  It's the 4x4 rooms that have a constant source of heat pumping into them.  It's the screams of your children that are normally just your run of the mill, "loud", reaching new decibels.  It's the sweat and make up dripping from your face as you feel like the most incompetent mother on the planet as your one year old is getting into the bio hazard bin, your 3 year old is making noises resembling a banshee, and your 5 year old is standing on top of the papered examining table, doing her "ABC" dance.  Yes.  That's what it is about the doctors.  And so, if I had the time or energy, I'd make myself a badge.  I really would; and I'd wear it proudly.  Moms with 3+ I might start selling "I SURVIVED THE DOCTOR WITH ALL MY CHILDREN WITHOUT PARTAKING IN ALCOHOL" badges on etsy.  Look for 'em.  Lordy... was it rough.
  • There is sunshine to this story though;  Henry is GOOD.  His ears are better and he's able to move from the rocefen shots to oral antibiotics.  Praise Jesus.  Maeve was swabbed for strep and the flu; both were negative.  The mysterious fever remains. 
  • Oh hey... back to the doctor... did I mention this appointment was during nap time?  Yeah, it was. 
  • Post doc, we ALL conked out.  Henry in his room, Stella in the girls' room, Maeve in mine.  It felt good to snuggle the big 5 year old.  Even though she is the most fitful sleeper known to man and I have a goose egg on my left temple from a heel.  Afternoon naps are the trippiest things ever.  I woke up thinking it was morning; totally thrown off.  I also woke to some major back pain.  Oh and a fever.   Should this really surprise anyone?  I've spent the past week practically inhaling germs.  It goes with the territory of being a mama.
  • Ryan got home around 5 and I started to feel incredibly achy, shaky... clammy.  All that good stuff.  I work two days a week; Mondays and Wednesdays, for 2 hours teaching gymnastics for my mother.  I missed this past Monday, (yesterday) due to a very sick little guy.  Missing tomorrow because of my own illness was not even an option.  And being fired by my mom would be like, the biggest  blow to my self esteem.  Anywho, I thought I should go to the walk in.
  • Why was I shocked when the doctor returned with the news "kidney infection?"  Kidney infections and I are on a merry go round.  We've been on it for years and I'm like 50 rides beyond my limit at the moment.  Along with the infection, (surprise, surprise!) I have 4 new stones in my left kidney!  Wahoo!  The handful of pills I took tonight was ridiculous.  But are working... so for that, I'm thankful.
  • I have a HUGE secret.  And let me make one thing clear.  Very clear:  I AM NOT PREGNANT.  That's not the secret.  How torturous of me to write something like that and just leave you hanging, right?  Sahhhhwwwwwy...  ;)  Soon, very soon my friends I'll be shouting it from the rooftops.  You are free to take guesses though!  Leave 'em in the comment section below :)
  • About being pregnant.  (or NOT being pregnant) We know we want one more kiddo for sure.  And on really good days, I think I could even pull off a Lori Ladwig, driving a huge suburban with 5 kids.... It feels good to be at a point where I feel in control of the kids.  I remember so vividly, bringing Stella home and thinking I would never, ever get the hang of three. 
  • This is a really helpful tip for you & you're welcome;)    the 3.99 Glade Maple Pumpkin candles smell better than any $500.00 Yankee Fall scented candle I've ever sniffed.  Go print off a Glade coupon, bring home your cheapie candle and relish in its money saving glowy warmth :)
  • I'm sweating my fever out right now.  A tad delirious.  I apologize for any craziness that I'm writing.
  • Are you on twitter?  I am!  Let's hook up.  I'm obsessing over twitter right now, feeling uber cool when someone retweets something I say.  Follow me here!  I'll follow you back, girl scouts honor.
  • As soon as this virus is out of the house we need to make a trip to the pumpkin parking lot  patch.  It's such a hoot; walking through parking lots converted into "pumpkin patches."  Last year I remember feeling a little depressed, knowing Michigan was putting on its annual fall show.  But y'all wanna know something?  A pumpkin's a pumpkin no matter where you pick it.  (That's a quote you should write down....)
  • (On soapbox)  This is not really any one's business, but a few months ago, I was questioned about the WIC program and our abuse of it; ya know, the eggs, bread and peanut butter.  We totally milked it, right?  Sorry for the sarcasm and I'm not targeting this at anyone mainly because that comment was made by "anonymous." (heehee)   But it still irks me.  Today, we are off WIC.  We are off it because I am working my 4 hours a week, and photography has picked up a little bit.  Ryan's been allotted an insane amount of overtime.  Long story short:  We used WIC like WIC should be used.  We had just lost our house and used our entire savings to rent a truck and move to Florida.   We are thankful that our situation has turned around, allowing us to step out of the system, making room for others who need in.   I believe there's a reason for everything.  And if you would have asked me a year ago if I would have a WIC ID, I'd have scoffed and said something ignorant like, "No!  We're not that poor!"  But another life lesson has been learned.  Another path walked, and my eyes have been opened to the reality of what many people on WIC are really like.  They're not druggies.  They're not bad moms with slacker boyfriends.  They're me, coping with a rough time the best way they know how.  (Off soapbox) .
  • What do you think a recurrent nightmare of me, not graduating from high school could mean?  I'm open to any and all dream interpretations!
  • Did you ever check out Applejack Apparel?  Seriously.  Butterflies of excitement.  I cannot wait to share the awesomeness of this company with you.
  • last thing;  I am obsessed with felt and flea marketing and although I'm not nearly as talented as the majority of artists on Etsy,  I love it. Check out my etsy shop.  And while you're there, check out the entire beautiful world of Etsy.  Remember, when you purchase something from there, your money is going directly to other mamas (and daddas); your money is putting food on the table, paying for a little girls ballet classes, allowing a family to have a present filled Christmas tree.  While I'll be doing a little bit of my holiday shopping on Amazon, I have a giant list of etsy items that my kids, friends and family will be getting.   From stuffed lovies for Stella to this super sweet puzzle for Henry man....  It feels good to put my money there, into homes, into families. 

I think that's all for tonight.  My sweating face is begging for a cool pillow. 

Thank you for reading... ;) 

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