Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'm taking the easy way out tonight.  Linking up with The Paper Mama's weekly photo contest (completely forgot about it last week...doh!) and listing seven incredibly random facts that are, well... totally random. 

First, the picture:


Yeah.  It's quite the literal take on the challenge theme... but... hey.  I love eyes.  There are a zillion catch lights in this picture thanks to some sweet lighting at The Hyppo Cafe.  Sometimes I edit them out, sometimes I don't.  I didn't this time because I liked the sparkle.  

And now the 7 random facts (why 7?  why not?) :)
  • I'm like really getting into Twitter.  Like, really.  I  see what's trending and then think for an hour about some witty tweet... by the time I get around to actually tweeting it, the trend is gone.  Whatever, its the tweet that counts, right? :) hahahaha.
  • Pineapple, cilantro and lime Popsicles are not good.  It didn't matter the number of licks, it tasted like a garden.  And I don't like garden flavored Popsicles.
  • I'm probably too excited for "Married To Jonas" to premiere.  I need to get over my obsession with teen celebs.
  • Lortab is craycray medicine.  I will never take it again.  I took half a tab on Tuesday night and it took forever to get out of my system.  (in other words, it took forever for me to not feel like a zombie)  I'll pick the back pain.
  • I'm still nursing Stella (Yes, she's over a year.  No I don't want an award for it... just's been a good year :)
  • I need a good book- any recommendations?  If you don't know I'm the biggest book snob ever.  So be careful with your suggestions.  If someone throws out 50 shades, I might vomit.
  • Homeschooling has been in many conversations as of late.
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


The Paulk's said...

DO IT (Homeschooling!!). If I can do it, you definitely can. (Although, I'm still not sure I will be sane, but I'm gonna try :)!!)

Shannon said...

That's awesome you are nursing still! Beautiful photo! Did you get my blog invite? If not email me I sent it :) Have a great week!

Leslie Collins said...

Jade & I have mentioned homeschool lately, too.

I do not have any book recommendations, for you.

Good for you on still nursing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going past a year.

Ashley McKenney said...

I am going to blog more about it... I am so uninformed; really I need to do my research;)

Ashley McKenney said...

Jax has an awesome homeschooling group les!!

Ashley McKenney said...

Thank you :). I don't think I did get it- could you send it to thanks luv!

Stephanie said...

That's awesome that you've been nursing Stella for over a year! I'm coming up on the 1-year mark with Émilie, too! A recent (surprisingly) good book that I read: "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed.