Sunday, July 29, 2012

there's something....

  • about hearing the rain plip and plop off a tin roof.
  • about watching your babies feel the drops on their pudgy toes for the first time.
  • about sitting on a back porch and letting the thick, salty storm air encase your skin.
  • about letting your kids kick off their shoes, throw their arms in the air and dance in the rain.
  • about smelling pineapple grilling mixed with the unmistakable scent of rain that instantly makes you relax in your yellow rocking chair and say "ahhhhhh."

If you can't tell... I love the rain.

Today it rained.  And we needed it.  The ground needed to be replenished with moisture.  My week needed to be washed away, drained down the gutter and I needed to see the rainbow that shone across the sky at the end of the storm.  It's God's ultimate promise.

And with that... I'm ready to start the week..



The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Oh!  And I'm supahhh happy to announce Chelsey from The Paper Mama for picking this photo as a fave:

The theme was story :)
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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Dumb Mom said...

Both of those photos are beautiful! Rain is lovely when I'm not stuck standing in it for 6 hours during a divisional swim meet!