Monday, July 30, 2012

mostly photos...

I'm tired but want to post these pictures before they get buried too deep in my endless pile.  These are random thoughts with even more random pictures thrown in there. 

It's Monday... deal.

Today at ballet Maeve told me she didn't want to come home to her house (our house) because it was "too dirty."  Of course this statement was made in the presence of other dance parents.  Oh.The.Embarrassment.  And for the record?  Yeah, our house is messy.  But its not dirty.  Yep, you're going to find laundry on the floor, toys on the table and perhaps the stray potato/onion (any other vegetable that's throwable) Henry pitched while smuggling various contraband's from the cupboards, but dirty??   Ugh... child... no.  But let the self consciousness and doubting begin. 

exploring nana & papa's new house.

I cried like a baby  when Jordyn Weiber failed to make it into the all around finals in gymnastics last night .  My heart breaks for her broken dreams.  I cannot imagine working and sacrificing your entire life for one moment that's unfairly (in my opinion) stolen in an instant.  Poor thing. 

hey... have I mentioned I love the rain?  Oh I haven't?  Well, I do.  :)

I need to secretly record Maeve singing "Call Me Maybe."  It's priceless.  Hilarious.  It scares me.  She need not grow any more.  Her four (almost 5!) year old self is sassy and smart enough.  EEK!

photogs!  ISO is important... like when you're shooting in a dark house and bump it up to 600 and then forget about it when you move outdoors... grain, grain, grain. (rain, rain, rain ;)

I found a lump on my shin.  It's just a bump, ya know....a lump- it feels like its growing off my shin bone.  It doesn't hurt.  But its big.  I need to get it checked out for peace of mind.  It's big enough that my dad noticed it from across the table at dinner last night.  A little freaked out...ehhh.
I cannot believe these feet have been in the world for an entire year (August 13th)  too unbelievable.

The guy from Smoothie King started following me on Instagram.  I officially go to Smoothie King too much.  
catching the rain.

telling dada some secrets.  Mostly a lot of clicking (she just learned that tongue trick).

Well folks.... I think that's all she wrote tonight.

Let's have a good week!

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