Tuesday, July 24, 2012

color & celebration

I am feeling so colorful tonight  :)  

As the kids played like wild things tonight (jumping off of playhouses and "fighting like Mulan" to name a few of the evening's events)  I snapped up the memories.
I quickly edited the batch of pictures.  And because I'm feeling so colorful and celebratory I decided to play in photoshop, giving each picture a fast and easy pop of color.

  Here are the results:

OH!  And the whole celebration thing.... well...

It has taken us a year;  a Christmas, an anniversary and a couple of birthdays, a lot of generous family, and some hard working over time, but tonight we made our very last payment on our Disney vacation.

For one year, we've been planning this 4 day trip  to Disney.  For one year, we've faithfully made payment after payment.  And tonight, its DONE.  Our balance says ZERO and I just got an email welcoming us, and confirming our reservations. 


It feels incredibly good to know that we worked our booty's off this past year to give our kids a few days of complete kiddie blissdom.

So yeah, we're celebrating!


Shannon said...

They are so beautiful and angelic!

(hope the re-invite worked) :)

Ashley said...
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