Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do's And Don'ts

  • DO confirm with your husband that the air conditioning maintenance man is coming to fix the a/c at 8:30 AM so you don't answer the door in a nursing tank and VS sweats. 
  • DON'T suction your 2 year old's belly button in an attempt to be funny.  Let me explain this one:  The kids go ape when I bring out the vacuum.  They love it.  They chase it and I tease them with it, pretending to suction up their toes.  Today Henry planted himself right in front of me as I was using the extension hose to get the crumbs from this mornings breakfast.  Jokingly, I put the end of the hose on his belly button and went "Uh Oh!  Got you!"  His reaction was unexpected. My son will now end up in counseling for a fear of vacuum cleaners.  Dang.
  • DO make a rule that until mama's coffee is all gone, there will be no boom boxes hauled out into the living room, blasting "This Little Light of Mine." 
  • DON'T tell your kids (as the A/C man is out in his van, looking for a part) that he's "creepy."  For one of your kids (AHEM, HENRY) will shout "CREEPY!  CREEPY!" as soon as the A/C man re-enters the house.

That's my list on this glorious Wednesday morning.

Be blessed and happy my friends! :)

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1 comment:

Shannon said...

Hilarious!!!!! Creepy Creepy!! hahaha