Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday by the Numbers

4... the number of kidney stones that are bouncing around in my left kidney.
5... the number of doctors appointments I've gone to this past week.
3... the number of 6.99 protien shakes I've gotten at smoothie king ($21.00 on smoothies?? OUCH...)
2....the number of hours my two youngins had to sit in the car while big sis danced this morning. 
2...the number of times we watched Lilo and Stitch while in said car, waiting for said sissy to finish.
1...awesome snippet of news I recieved today... :D
9... hours spent in the ER last Tuesday...because of those 4 kidney stones.
0...the patience I have for ER doctors and ER's.  Unless something is falling off, I am not going to an ER.
8...the time of my very (very) early appointment for the kids' tomorrow. 
500000+/-...the number of times I've put Henry in time out today.
2.... hours until Stella wakes up and is ready for her midnight snack. (eyeyeye...this chick needs to sleep through the night.)
10... the number of days until DISNEY :D
5... the number of kids I want to have
5...the amount of seconds it takes for me to realize five kids would put me in the looney bin.

that's all I got for tonight.

BUT- I do want to say/ask- if you are a MckMama fan (I am a semi-fan...) you've got to read her blog.  Crazy things are happening over there and it sounds as though she and those precious kids could use some prayers.  Apparently there is a lot of controversy if any of what MckMama writes about is even true, but if the latest is indeed true, this family needs prayers. :(

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