Saturday, October 8, 2011

YO HO YO HO! a "private" life for me!

Sooooo lots of peeps have been asking "why private again?" 

No- nothing bad happened!  I remember at one point a bunch of blogs were going private because of some horrible child predator thing... it's NOTHING like that!

Awhile ago (and I mean A LONG.  LONG.  LONG, ancient time ago)  I was talking with Les about the blog.  I was venting to her about how I missed writing in my usual blunt way.  With the blog being public, and me trying to use it as a photography marketing tool, it didn't seem like a good idea that a client could look at some pictures and then read about my hemorrhoids... ya know?

I'm the type of gal that likes to tell it like it is.  And I felt like with the blog being open to the whole public, I had to sugar coat everything.  Like instead of telling a story about my dog making a bathroom mess all over the house, I can come right out and say there were giant piles of globby poop... of course the poop couldn't be solid- that would be too easy to pick up- she had to have diarrhea...ugh.  (true story.  happened last night)

So anyways, I feel good about being able to "talk" like myself again.

I'm going to get right into things by telling you about my 6 week post partum visit.  I had a few people message me and ask what happened that made me so upset at said appointment.  And (YAY) now that the blog is private, I'll explain it here ;)

Basically, I'm a fat blob right now.  Weight wise, I'm about 15 pounds over what I should be.  I have strictly been breastfeeding and eating alright (occasionally I do eat junk...) but I cannot shed this sticky weight.  UGH.  I've been dying to exercise and was really looking forward to getting the clear to do so, at my 6 week appointment.  I was also scheduled to get an IUD put in.  Because, God bless my beautiful, amazing, miraculous babies, but ummm... no more!  (at least for awhile!) 

Unfortunately, I was a little too active during the first few weeks after having Stella.  Because my flipping uterus and cervix have DROPPED.  Like dropped, dropped.  On top of having a sagging uterus (that's what she called it- I felt like an old lady or something) my stitches were still very much intact.  She said she would try and pick out the external ones, but since the internal ones were in, that meant my body still needed them.  Anyways I got the big "NO" on exercise and the IUD placement. 

Stupid really, to be upset about it.  But it did bum me out. 

Thankfully, I just went in this past Monday and everything looked a lot better.  (well she told me it looked better- I haven't seen any of this- just trusting her opinion ;).

I got the mirena put in and passed out.  Yes.  For real.  How embarrassing. 

This woman, had seen me give birth like a champ- laughing as Stella came out- and she puts an IUD in me and I turn as white as a ghost and black out.  Nice.

I'm so weird.  But it was a strange sensation and I didn't like the smell of the iodine and blood.  An hour later, I was on my way and trying to explain to my mom what took so long, what an IUD is and why I need it.  After explaining 3000 times that I didn't get my tubes tied, I think she finally got it. 

As of today, I'm feeling pretty good.  A little crampy but nothing horrible.  I officially got the clear to exercise and I am starting MONDAY!  YAYYYY!  My mom got me a gym membership at her gym (Powerhouse I think its called?) for my birthday and I am beyond excited to go.  Did I mention that included in my membership I get free childcare, while working out???  Um... heck to the yes.  Don't be surprised if I morph into a size zero... my exercise sessions might start lasting 4 hours ;)

Well... that's it for tonight!

Happy Saturday- thanks for reading and sticking with the whole privacy thing!

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Manda said...

I am super jealous you get to go to the gym. I think I am now bigger then I have ever been in my adult life, even when I was pregnant (sob!) but I can't seem to start working out because I do NOT have the time. I never, ever, ever have a sitter, and I always have five kids. :( It totally sucks because I used to really like to run!

Allison said...

Hey, I didn't have to type in my email and pass to get into your blog like it used to be with private blogs. love that!

I have the Mirena also. Getting it in was a reminder of labor pains-ick! You will prob. find that you will either spot or even have a period at odd times and lasting for a possibly weeks after getting it in. (just to warn you) It is normal though. I've had it for 6 months now and I think I am just not getting to be normal again.
Lucky you to have a gym membership! I am jealous! Enjoy that time and good luck!

k and j said...

you go girl :) my body is ruined, i have finally come to terms with it! well just my tummy is ruined but i am sure i can fix up the rest lol.