Monday, October 10, 2011

goodwill...good heavens!

My mom took the 2 older kiddos to the library this morning so I could grocery shop.  I got my shopping done quickly and had about 30 minutes to kill until I had to pick them up. 

There is this GIANT Goodwill right behind Publix, and I'd been wanting to get in there and look for some old/antique-y looking frames.  I saw this awesome frame display on Pinterest and I'm determined to re-create it ;)

Anyways, I got in the store and was shocked by the sheer size of it.  My original plan was to just check out the frames and maybe some fabrics (did you know they sell fabrics/blankets at Goodwill that can make some AWESOME photo backdrops/textures/colors, etc.?).  Not only was this Goodwill huge, it was very, very well organized... There were literally racks upon racks of color coordinated items.  For example- women's shirts- there was every color from black to white, and every shade of color you can imagine.  If you want an aqua shirt, you go to the blue shirt section and there are 40 shades of aqua... it's really amazing.  And what I found to be even more amazing than the color organized store, was the brands and condition of the clothing.  I know Saint Augustine is a wealthy area, but ummmm.... WOW.  I found oodles and oodles of CUTE, name-brand clothing with tags.

Normally I have terrible luck at thrift shopping.  I look at other bloggers and am envious of their thriftstore finds! ;)  But today, I have turned a new corner.  I found a handful of awesome goodies.  My fave item are these, Steve Madden flats:

These were 3 bucks.  THREE DOLLARS.  And there isn't a scuff mark on them.  I am blissfully happy :)

I also managed to find a hard book set of Beatrix Potter's "Mr. Toad" stories for the kids (99 cents), two frames that will be re-painted (each 99 cents), 1 pink Tommy polo for me (2.99), 1 sparkly Express tank for me (2.99), 1 long sleeved gymbo sweatshirt for Henry (1.00), and a vera bradley make-up bag (just a tiny one- 99 cents). 

I will be visiting this Goodwill at least once a month to see what other treasures I can dig up. 

If Ryan was with me on this past trip, we'd have come home with 2 sailor chairs.  But they were crazy heavy and I had no clue how to move them with Stella in the cart. 

Yay for recycling & saving money, right??? :)

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