Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy 6 Weeks Stella Bella June Bug!

Yes, that's what we call Miss Stella. 

Stella Bella June Bug.  Or sometimes its just Stella Bella.  Or Stelly Welly.  Or Stell-Bells.  Or Stelly June.  Or just plain Stells.

Anywho, she's wedged deep in our family, with a handful of nicknames. :)

At 6 weeks...
  • she is just starting to notice things, trying to watch them.  She noticed her little car seat toy and sometimes, she has a stare down with it.  Her brother and sister stick their faces right up to hers and she'll go cross-eyed trying to survey what's going on in front of her.
  • her sleeping is all over the place.  There isn't even a hint of a schedule yet.  With me being busy with the older 2, I just feed her when she wants and thank the Lord when she does sleep. 
  • she is strictly breastfed and the girl loves it.  Unfortunately, on the day I was in the hospital for kidney stones, I had NO milk saved up (which if you know me well, this is mind boggling) and my mom had to force feed her formula.  She survived, but from what I heard, she wasn't happy about it.  ;)
  • We have been giving her one bottle a day (usually around 8/9 at night) for a couple of reasons.  #1- I want to be able to leave her occasionally!  ;)  #2- I get to take a feed "off" while Ryan gets to help with one.
  • I think she's a little colicky.  I also think I've said this with each one of my kids.  So maybe its normal newborn fussiness.  But it seems like she cries a LOT.  If she's not being held, sleeping or eating, she's fussing.  She has a hard time just lying on a blanket or in her swing- by herself. 
  • She loves her paci.  But has a hard time keeping it in.  Some times (more often than not) I must look like a complete weirdo, rushing around the house, putting a dish in the dishwasher, then running back to stick her nuk in, then back to the dishwasher to unload a few more, and back to stick her nuk in, and so on and so on.
  • She's the sweetest and she loves being chest to chest.  If I'm getting really desperate for sleep I'll bite the bullet and let her sleep on my chest.  It makes me so nervous having her on her stomach and on me while we sleep though. I usually only do it in the wee hours of the morning (around 5/6) when I know the older kids will be getting up soon so it will only be a half hour, and its that half awake/half asleep kind of sleep. 
  • Of course, during the older kids' nap time (well Maeve doesn't nap... she does an hour of quiet time- kind of quiet) I watch tv and Stella snuggles up on me.  I am savoring every newborn moment like this!  I know in a few short months she won't be able to just fall asleep on me so easily :(
  • She is in size 1 diapers.
  • She is wearing newborn and 0-3 month clothing.  Sometimes I will put her in 3 month stuff but it swims on her.  Out of all my kids, she's the peanut.  She is so short!  But very chunky ;)

Isn't she gorg? :)

PS- the winner from this giveaway will be announced on Wednesday's "Wordless Wednesday" post!  The number was chosen via the number generator last night  :)... exciting!

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Cam and Elisa said...

She is just BEAUTIFUL! Love her little outfit!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

she is beautiful

Allison said...

She IS gorgeous! She looks so different than your other kids with all that dark hair! the face isn't so different but that hair:) I love it!