Monday, September 12, 2011

the break.

SO.... it was only a matter of time.

Henry, my daredevil, my 100% rough and tumble boy, my heart attack kid, broke his first bone.  BONES to be exact. 

Here's the rundown on what happened.

 We ate dinner at my parents house last night.  They have a high chair, but Henry refuses to sit in it.  We use a booster at home, and he eats right up at the table and apparently prefers that.  We were all sitting at the table, (Henry included- in a regular chair) and Henry kind of slid off the side of his chair and fell to the floor.  My sister was on one side of him and I was on the other.  We  all scrambled to pick him up.  What I saw, was Henry hit his head on this toy doll bed that was underneath the table.  We initially paid attention to his head- which yes, had a huge goose egg on it.  He was definitely screaming and crying a bunch, but looking at his head, it was understandable. 

We left shortly after the incident, and I was kind of getting the feeling like something was wrong because Henry cried the whole way home.  Normally, he loves watching movies in the van and sitting in his carseat.  When we got home, I went to get him out and noticed his entire left arm was limp.  He wasn't using it to reach out to me, and it was just hanging to the side. 

We brought him inside and he was still whimpering/whining... not really crying- more of just a whine like he wasn't feeling good.  We watched him for about 5 minutes and realized something was wrong with his arm.  He wouldn't pick up anything with it, and any time he tried to move it he'd start screaming.  So... Ryan rushed him off to the ER and I stayed with Maeve & Stella until my mom could come over.

By the time I got to the ER, they had "fast tracked" him- which is this awesome idea, of sending the minor injuries (such as broken bones, stitches, etc.) to one end of the ER versus waiting in line behind someone who's having a major medical issue like a heart attack or something.  I was the typical frantic mother, running in asking where my little boy was, as the room they sent me to initially was empty.  The nurse said he was getting x-rays and would be back soon. 

As soon as I sat down to catch my breath, I heard the screaming- it was awwwwful.  You could hear Henry screaming through the entire ER wing.  I know I looked like a complete freak, because I ran out to the front desk and said "That's my little guy crying!  Where is he?  I need to get to him!"  But the nurse said only Ryan was allowed in there and they'd be back soon... so I had to sit there in the room and listen to his screaming.  That was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  :(  They told me he had been given some pain medicine, but all I could focus on was his screaming.  It was a nightmare.

FINALLY, after what seemed like an hour (but was only about 10 minutes maybe?) they came back in the room.  The doc came in a little bit later and showed us his x-ray.  He had a buckle fracture in both his radius and ulna.  And since he was a pediatric patient (a very little pediatric patient) they didn't want to touch it.  They splinted it, and referred us to an orthopedic specialist in Jacksonville, which is where he'll get his cast. 

They gave him some codene, so he slept pretty well last night.  And because he's such a tough little dude, he's been coping with his giant sling thing this morning. 

All in all, the injury is not so bad- it didn't get his growth plates at all, and his elbow is fine.  Those were the two main concerns the doc had. 

Buddy seems to be doing okay- besides being glued to me (which is both good and bad- good, because I love cuddles, bad because I have a newborn who likes to eat 24/7). 

My mom is coming over this morning to help out (praise the Lord).

For now, we're just hanging out... thanking God it was something (relatively) minor.

Thanks for all the thoughts :)

Here are some pics of the child who is going to give me gray hair by the age of 30 ;) :

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The Captain's Wife said...

poor little dude! My K fractured her arm this summer too, she had to wear a cast for 3 weeks. i doesn't look like thwy are casting him though?

Jessica Perry said...

Awwww, poor Henry!! Hope he's healed in no time!