Saturday, July 9, 2011

yay! :)

The Paper Mama

4th place :)

                                                                      and my entry for "Sweet"

The Paper Mama

Today's a big day down here... my mom is holding the first open house for her new studio!   It kind of blows my mind that we're really starting ALL over down here.  I remember when my mom started the studio up in our backyard (in Michigan).  And now here we are doing it again.... 

Along with the open house, I'm trying to get a menu together for the week so I can finally go to the farmers market and actually purchase something that we'll use!  I've been going to the market every Saturday morning, but haven't really bought anything (other than a tub of salsa) because I haven't actually cooked since we've been down here!   It's been a lot of take out, going out, and eating at my parents- which has been great... but I guess its time to get back to reality, and COOK.

Ryan is hoping to get to the beach sometime this weekend but apparently the weather isn't supposed to be so great.  It rained most of yesterday and we're starting off today with overcast skies.  The good thing about the weather is that even with overcast skies, its about 90 degrees- plenty warm enough to go to the beach!

Oh- and my last random thought for the day-  yesterday, I was seriously the dumbest person on the planet.  I had been planning on taking the kids to the pier to watch the shuttle launch but it was sprinkling and overcast.  I thought for sure they'd cancel the launch.  Instead of checking the news or my phone, we went to Hobby Lobby, and I assumed we'd watch the launch either tomorrow or Sunday.  Well, we all know that the launch went off yesterday- and we missed it.  The very last launch, and we missed it because we were in HOBBY LOBBY... ughhhh!  I am so ticked with myself!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Saturday!  Post and pictures to come of the farmers market :)   

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Manda said...

So happy for your mom, and so wish we were down there to use the new studio! I love you "sweet" pic!

Beka said...