Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • 37 week appointment this morning :)  Here are the stats:
            -baby is head down and very high...
            - dilated to 1 cm (BOOOOO)
            - measuring big (surprise surprise)... not sure how many weeks ahead
            - group B strep test was done (will know results next week)
            - I have a UTI...
            -apparently, I have a LOT of fluid in my belly- not a lot of baby... which makes me very happy.

  • we have to take a hospital tour at some point here- its required because I haven't delivered at this hospital.  Although I'm not sure what would happen if I were to go into labor, and hadn't toured L&D- its not like they'd send me away and say "sorry you haven't taken your tour yet.  We can't deliver you."

  • I am SO happy with my decision to go with the midwives.  I did meet a great doctor on the "doctor side" of the practice, but the midwife I saw today was awwwwesome.  Super friendly- and we laughed our way through most of the appointment, which was really nice.  I meet another midwife next week and I'm hoping she'll be as great as the one I saw today.

  • Here's a conversation heard this morning:   Henry was crying...
                      I asked Maeve, "Maeve why is your brother crying?" 
                      Maeve:  "I hit him on the head."
                      Me:  "Was it an accident?"
                      Maeve:  "No."
                      Me:  "Did you say you're sorry?"
                      Maeve:  "No.  I'm not sorry."
           nice huh?  I swear my kids really do love each other ;)
  • So uhhh, I don't really want to go through labor again... too late to back out?  ha :) 
  • My sister (Meghan) is coming to town this weekend... I'm hoping there are lots of good meals in my immediate future ;)

  • I need a good book to read!  Any suggestions???  :)  PLEASE??? 

Gosh I think that's all I have for this week!  It's slow around here... just a huge waiting game ;)

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Leslie Collins said...

So, you know what needs to be done right??? Sex & walks! Sorry to be the bear of bad news! haha. :)

That is funny about Maeve and Henry. Last week, we went to Laura's. Reyna was wondering if Maeve was coming! :)

Alissa & Josh said...

Hope all goes well for your last weeks of pregnancy!

I have to recommend the book I'm reading right now, The Help. It's great and the movie comes out next month!

Megan said...

Stopping in from FNL! I'm a certified nurse midwife so am glad to see that you have happily found one! I hope you have a nice delivery and can't wait to see pics of your babe. :-)

JEN said...

You're getting close! May I recommend "game of Thrones"? It's sort of fantasy which I usually hate, but very well developed characters.

Danifred said...

So close, so exciting!!!!

I always wondered what would happen if you didn't do the tour. Really, does it matter? It's not like you're hanging out and staying for an extended vacation.

Here's to a smooth three weeks Mama