Friday, July 15, 2011


Here are my Friday Night Leftovers for the first time in about 2 months... wow!
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  • Maeve was dancing last night for my family- just twirling and jumping to a Taylor Swift song- and her feet slipped out from underneath her.  She face planted- HARD- onto the wood floor.  As soon as it happened, she stood up immediately and tried to come bury her face in my arms but her mouth and nose were covered in blood and I flipped the funk out.  Note to self- do NOT freak out and start yelling "MOMMM!!!!  OH MY GOD SHE'S BLEEDING!"  I am pretty sure the most traumatic part of the whole thing for Maeve was seeing my stupid reaction... whoops.  Thankfully she did not bite through her lip and her nose was not broken.  She's doing 100 times better today and keeps saying "Thank you JESUS for letting me feel better!" 
  • I am in love with Princess Kate.  And I'm a sucker for any magazine cover that she's on... meaning, I buy a LOT of magazines.  Seriously though, how sweet is she???
  • I met another doc out of the practice today... his bedside manner was less than pleasant.  I'm praying and hoping I have someone else deliver me! 
  • Here are some quick baby stats:  I've gained 30 lbs exactly... (yeeek), I'm measuring 37 weeks (I'm 35.5 weeks) and I get my group B strep next week.  Oh and baby is HEAD DOWN :)  It was pretty uneventful.
  • I hate the DISH.  I hated Comcast more... but the Dish sucks pretty bad too.  Anytime there is a storm within 30 minutes of here, the cable goes out.  It's just obnoxious.
  • Maeve has picked up on a few words or phrases that she knows are naughty- (stupid, oh my God) and she'll say one of them but before you can even give her a look, she whips around and says "That's not a nice thing to say is it?"  Like she's testing it or something... so for example, we'll be in the grocery store and I'll hear her say, "Oh my GOD!  That's not nice to say, is it?  Jesus doesn't like that.  We don't say "Oh my GOD.  Right?"  I'm positive she's seeing how far she can push it ;)
  • The movie E.T. has been on repeat here.  Yes, E.T.   Don't get me wrong, its a great movie- and watching it once, or even twice every couple of weeks would actually fit in fine.  It would give me a break from "Mulan" and "Barbie Swan Lake."  But it (E.T.) is literally on repeat.  Maeve will watch the first part of it, start to get bored around the middle, and then pick back up on the end.  From about the time they find E.T. sick in that pond, she's glued to it.  And without fail, every single time, when E.T. is saying goodbye to Elliot, she starts to sob and sob and sob.  It's like a painful cry- it can't be healthy!  I try to explain E.T.'s going home to be with his mama, but she wants none of it.  All she wants is E.T. to stay.  As soon as the ending credits start, she looks over at me with this sad face and says "I have to watch it again!"  And we do.  :/
  • I'm not sure if its because we don't really know anybody in this town, or if its because the town itself is so laid back, but my kids (and I) are looking like a bunch of bubbas.  Henry NEVER has shoes on- not even at church.  The kid won't keep them on, and apparently down here, its fine to be barefoot wherever.  And I'd say 50% of the time, he doesn't have a shirt on.  I blame this on the water sitch- almost everywhere we go- downtown, my parents house, the island, etc.  there is WATER to be played in.  I've quit fussing over an outfit if I know that he's going to end up soaked and in a diaper anyway.  
  •  I'm officially taking middle name suggestions!  Ryan, who was supposed to be in charge of the middle name has still not come up with anything.  In typical guy form, he tells me, "we'll figure it out later."  I'm hoping to come at him with a good list of names and have him pick from that or something...

I think that about sums up our week!


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Shannon said...

Not much longer!!! Yay! Your lil girl cracks me up!

The Williams said...

Im glad Maeve is doing better..that stuff is sure scary. I'm not sure what the first name is (did I miss that post), but what about something after your mom. You could go straight up Lori or stretch it a little, like Lorraine. Or you could always give her your maiden name as a middle. Or Rita after you and Grandma. So many suggestions....hugs!