Tuesday, July 19, 2011

36ish/37ish weeks!

I'm right in the middle of week 36 and I hate to say that I'm only 36 weeks along- because really, dang it- I'm 36 weeks and 3 days!  And at this point, I'm counting down every minute of this pregnancy!

I was doing sooooo well with weekly updates on the baby lobster.  With the move and all, things went a little haywire and I slacked big time :(...

Anyways at 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant I am....

  • very uncomfortable.  My back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my neck hurts, etc.  I have acid reflux soooo badly.  I had this with Henry too- not so much with Maeve- and if I can recall, it just gets worse and worse until delivery. 
  • I called my OB office today and requested to see the midwives... which is a little bittersweet.  I met one doctor that I absolutely loved, and another doctor that scared the beeeeez out of me.  Apparently by me making a "formal request" for a midwife, that means a midwife will deliver me.  I really don't care who delivers me (except for the scary doctor I saw last week) I just want to have my appointments with some friendly midwives.  :)
  • eating is getting hard... no worries though- I'm pulling through ;)  Really though, between the acid reflux and the limited amount of space, not much is appealing.  I've been eating a LOT of yogurt, lemonade, plain noodles, cheese, cheese and more cheese.  
  • omggggg the braxton hicks!  If this were my first, I'd be in the hospital every day saying I was in labor.  Now that I'm practically a rabbit (pregnant with my 3rd child), I know the difference between a real labor contraction and a "fake" one.  
  • Since induction is not an option until 42 weeks (ahem... yeah) I had to fill out some paperwork for the hospital- (assuming that I would be like any other normal preggo, and go into labor on my own at some point...) it would be helpful to have my paperwork already filled out, rather than filling out in the middle of labor.  Anyways there was a section about the good ol' epidural... (already filling out a consent form for one?!?)  I did consent to it... but my mind is going back and forth about whether to request it or not.  You see, with Maeve, I got an epidural around 6 cm- it didn't work- it numbed half of my body, which ended up being more painful than having contractions on both sides, so they took it out.  I begged and pleaded and I'm not really sure how it all worked out, but somehow I got another one reinserted- this one did work- but I wasn't pushing so they turned it off :/ ... I like to say that I basically did Maeve's labor naturally about 90% of the time (and her labor was 22 hours).  And it sucked. SO BAD. SOOOOO BAD DID IT SUCK.  I can hardly remember any of it.  In fact, the first memories I have of her after the birth, was telling my mom to take her because I was too weak to hold her.  It definitely wasn't how I had imagined it to be.  With Henry, I was on the fence with an epidural because it hadn't worked last time... but at that magical 5/6 cm mark, things started to get bad and I was thankful I had filled out the consent form for one.  Henry's epi worked GREAT.  It worked within a few minutes of the doc putting it in and it covered my pain until it was time to push.  I can clearly remember Henry's birth- heck, I ordered food 20 minutes after having him.  So I've got these two wars going on in my head- one side- the epidural might not work and I don't really want to go through that again... and on the other side- it just may work, and I could have a "nice" delivery?  I don't know... does any of that even make sense??   Probably not :/
  •  Two  pregnancy "moments" to remember from this week:  - Ryan sent me to the grocery store for dinner and I came back with a dozen donuts.  I didn't think anything of it until I walked in the house and had my hungry husband and two kids staring back at me... whoops :/.  Another "moment" happened last night- I woke up around 1 am to a growling stomach, so naturally, I ate the entire box (I'm not exaggerating) of Cheerios.  I fell back asleep around 1:45ish or so, and woke around 4 to more stomach growling... I ate half a box of ritz crackers.  I'm blaming the late night munchies on not having an appetite for most of the day??  I don't know... I gross myself out ;)
  • Maeve tells me (almost) every morning "Mama!  Look at you!  You're grown up today!"  I'm not sure what this means exactly- I think she's shocked at how big I am, each and every morning?
  • Speaking of growing... I've gained about 30 lbs so far... exactly like I did with Maeve.  Crazy huh?  Henry I gained like 5000 or something crazy like that... The girls apparently don't pack it on like the boy did.  ;)   
  • My 37 week appt. is Friday... with a midwife!  Group B Strep & getting checked for any progress (or lack of progress)... 

OH!  And a huge shout out of GOOD LUCK AND FAST, HEALTHY LABOR VIBES are being sent to JULIE!!!!  I will be glued to my phone all day tomorrow- I cannot wait to find out if that's a boy or girl that's been baking in there!!! :)  YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!

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k and j said...

Love ya girlie thx for the shout out ;

The Williams said...

Love the updates, but you need to post a pic...we wanna see that baby belly!