Sunday, April 10, 2011


Here are my interpretations for the week:

1. Motion
Self explanatory ;)  Maeve running with a stick- dangerous for sure, but in motion.

2. In Fashion
When I saw this category I laughed to myself, envisioning me trying to get dressed up into something fashionable.  Thank goodness my cutesy daughter can steal the show and I can stay in my sweat pants ;)

3. Waiting to Click
Oh-So-CRUEL... But yes, I have given my kids lemons just to see their faces...  It's a little bit sad- you give them the lemon, get your camera ready, they taste it- your finger is hovering on the shutter, and you wait to click until that twitching, lip curling moment.  :)

4. Animal's Perspective
We took the kids and Lola to the park today... Lola did alright... besides getting into a swamp.  She spent most of her time looking up at the kids from underneath the play structures...   I'd imagine this is what her view was? ;)

5. Many
I love this group of trees.  There are many of them right?

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Nessa said...

These are great!

Linda R. said...

I just love everyone of these shots. The one of your little guy eating a lemon is to funny..

Ashley Sisk said...

Your photos this week are two cute - I love your first two shots!

Rachelle said...

I've tried hard to get that same perspective shot at the park... it's always blurry. BRAVO. Too precious (especially the stories behind the shots).

Kindred Spirit said...

These are all so lovely! In fashion is my favorite :)

Carla Hutchins said...

LOVE the color in the motion shot.

Allison Hoffman said...

I love them all, especially the waiting to click - perfect timing with his expression!

Laurie said...

Those are such adorable photos! I love the "in fashion" one...sunglasses are always in fashion. Good job!

Abi said...

Oh, now I want a pair of sun glasses like hers!

Christa said...

oh my gosh, i love all these shots!

Anonymous said...

Love the waiting to click. Too cute.