Saturday, April 9, 2011

baby talk ;)

Why- WHY OH WHY OH WHY- did I sell all of my baby stuff???  Really, what was I thinking?  Was I thinking that we were done at two?  No...   Was I thinking we'd never have another girl?   No....  So whyyyyy did I get rid of it all???

I went to a mom to mom sale this morning, list in hand, of items that I needed to look for.  Basically, besides the crib and mattress and changing table, I need everything- AGAIN.  Bouncer, swing, clothes, blankets, bedding, etc.   It kind of sickened me to spend money on stuff that I once had (and that was much, much nicer).  But I did find a cute bouncer and a couple of sleepers.  Not bad. 

With Maeve and Henry, there was no such thing as a budget- believe it or not.  And it wasn't because we had a ton of money or anything.  It was because my mom lived here. ;)  After every appointment, my mom would take me to the store and we'd pick out something for the baby and a pack of diapers.  Have I mentioned lately, how much I miss my MOM???  With Maeve (since she was our first), my mom basically took care of everything BIG.  Stroller, swing, her entire wardrobe...  ;)  I think all we really invested in was the crib and changing table (and of course a few pieces of clothing).  With Henry, we had everything saved from Maeve- so I got to use our extra money on clothes, clothes, clothes!  This time around (as I've stated 2 million times) we are starting out with nada.  I do have to admit, its kind of fun scavenging around, trying to find good deals... but wahhhh!!! I miss my baby stuff :(.

Anyways, the very exciting news, is that Ryan's office is throwing us a baby shower!  What what???  A baby shower for our 3rd baby- yeah I definitely feel kind of funny, but I guess its just standard there.  Ryan came home one day and told me we had to register (yay!).  Registering this time around should be pretty streamlined- I know what I use and what I don't use (I never used a baby bath- well maybe once or twice?  I breastfeed in the bath WITH the baby.... so we get two birds with one stone:)  I also don't use crib bumpers- and that's mainly because of the safety hazard that has been issued.  But also, our babies don't sleep in their cribs until 5 months (they're in a bassinet next to our bed), and by the time they get in the crib, the bumpers just become too much.

So what's the point with all the rambling?  Nothing really.  I just got to thinking at the sale this morning, and decided to point out to any moms- if you even *KIND OF* think there is going to be a chance you will expand your family... DO NOT SELL YOUR BABY GEAR!  ;)

And with that... here's a photo for The Paper Mama's photo challenge. :)

The theme is B&W...
Ryan walked in as I was typing this up and said "Woah.  That's a crazy looking kid."  Yeah, that's our son, Ryan... ;) 

I could probably turn every photo black and white, because I just love the mood of it.  Most of the photos in our house are black and white...  I normally do super high contrast B&W, but I played around with a few actions this time, which gave it a duller look but I think its pretty sweet :)
The Paper Mama
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Manda said...

Ashley I totally get what you are saying. I did it twice. :) With Teague I started fresh and then I got rid of EVERYTHING which worked out because Charlotte was a girl and I got to start all over with pink. :)