Friday, April 29, 2011

friday night leftovers... the doctor's appt. version ;)

  • The kids both had doc. appointments today.  I despise kids' doctors appointments.  I know there are mom's out there that don't get upset when their kid gets poked or scared by a throat swab, but I'm not one of them.  I always get this guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach when I have to pin them down for shots.   Anyways, today it was Henry's turn for shots.  Maeve was going for a UTI (which she doesn't have :). 
  • I knew it wasn't going to go well, when Henry wouldn't sit on the scale for his weight.  We finally just called it an even 26 lbs and went with that.  The kid would not sit still for anything...  The head circumference was ugly too.  Any time you lie a kid down on those tables, I think they automatically think its shot time- or Maeve and Henry do anyway.  Henry started head butting anyone who he could reach.  All the while, Maeve is singing "B-I-N-G-O" as loud as she can... 
  • I sweat like crazy in these appointments, but this one was particularly bad.  I think because I'm pregnant.  I could read the thoughts of the doctor and nurse, as both of my kids (one in a diaper, one in panties) were rolling around on the floor, climbing on the tables, etc.- "Oh dear Lord help this woman, who is about to bring a 3rd child into this world.  And for all that is good and holy, tie her tubes after the birth."  (or maybe that's what I was thinking...)  either way, it was a trip for sure
  • Did you know a kid at 18 months should have 8 words?  Ayeyeye.  Whoops.  Henry has 3.  He says, "mama" and "dada" and "bye bye."  And sometimes if we're lucky he'll say "all done."  But since he's under the 8 word limit, he has to be seen by a specialist?!?!  Yeah- my mouth dropped open too.  I think we'll definitely try it, get his hearing checked out, but I'm not going to stress too much about it.  I know in my heart Henry is fine.  He interacts, socializes, communicates (in his own way)- he just doesn't have real English words yet...
  • I think the most traumatic part of the whole appointment was when Maeve had to have her "pee pee" checked.  Ummm yeah.  I had to practically lie on top of her while Dr. Williams tried her best to look.  Maeve was screaming "NOT MY PEE PEEEE!"  It was not good.  But thankfully, we got any kind of infection ruled out (also thanks to a urine sample)- so its onward and upward with the potty training. 
  • Henry actually did really well with his shots.  Although I think he might be getting the start of a fever... we just put him down and he felt warm. 
  • Post doctor appointment, the whole fam (Ryan included) went up to Grand Rapids to file that notorious police report for my missing rings.  It feels awesome to have that done with, and I cannot WAIT to wear a wedding ring again!  But it was a TON of driving.
  • We made an impromptu stop by "Chuckie Cheese" for the kids on the way home.  It cost an arm and a leg for some crappy pizza and 30 minutes of games, but they had a ton of fun.  Maeve especially, was having a blast.  It was nice to be out of Jackson and together doing (kind of) nothing.
  • We're really, really close to getting a minivan... but my husband is the definition of a "careful spender."  Which is a good thing- because if it were just me, I would've bought the first van we test drove a couple of weeks ago.  We're going to look at another one tomorrow... I'm not a fan of car shopping.  I will be happy when we have a van and we can be done with the car lots (and people).
  • I've had bagels for dinner 4/7 nights this past week.  I STILL don't have an appetite for "normal food"- such as tacos, or spaghetti (two staples in this house).  Therefore, either Ryan or I make a Paneras run at least a couple of times a week.   A bagel and cream cheese, and I'm good.  Oh and OJ too.
  • I watched the Royal Wedding this morning and I am in love with Kate.  What a lady! 
  • This morning, on the way to the doc, we passed my parents house.  There was someone mowing the lawn, and a woman with a couple of young kids running around the porch area.  Maeve, who's used to seeing no activity there, was very curious why there were "peoples at nana's house."  She said, "It's not closed anymore!  It's open for Nana!"  Ughh... sighhhh. 
  • I am 24 weeks preggo and totally forgot to do a post this week about it... whoops!  I will post a picture tomorrow, I promise.
  • On another preggo note, whenever I start to feel grouchy because I'm up for the 7th time to pee in the middle of the night, or I notice a new stretch mark, I think of my good friend (she'll will remain anonymous) who is due any second- and is measuring at 48 weeks for a single baby.  Bless her heart! 
  • Do any of you watch "Sprout?"  I can't stand the freaking channel.  Really- every single show should be banned.  I think they compiled the most obnoxious voices they could come up with to create this channel.  Anyways, "Nina" and "Star" and "Chicky" and all those birthday people are getting on my nerves.
  • Does anyone want my bird, Ponce?  He's great, but not packable...
  • And lastly, here are some precious photos from tonight.  The kids were playing horses on our bed (disregard the crazy, messed up sheets...).  Besides Henry tugging on Maeve's hair a few times, and Maeve making the horses climb on Henry's head, they did really well together.  And as the sun streamed in, I thought "okay THIS is what its all about...ahhhhh!" 

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Leslie Collins said...

Yay for no UTI's.

Boo for shots. I get all teary-eyed when the girls get shots. I despise them even though I know they are for their health.

Yay for new rings.

Ash, Henry is fine! Try not to worry. He interacts, plays and runs around like a normal 18 month old babe. He will talk when he is good and ready. :)

The Captain's Wife said...

Dh always makes me hold K during shots, sure make me be the mean one! I get at him by making him take the cat to his appts! Hahaha

Those photos are so great, capturing genuine moments.

KimBerly said...

Jake turned 2 in Feb and he only has like 10 words. He sees a speech therapist 2 times a week. I'm not sure what city or state you live in but if you live in the twin cities I know a WONDERFUL center. But I wouldn't be too worried about him. He is only 18 months and kids talk at their own pace.

April said...

With my 1st pregnancy, I LIVED on Panera's asiago bagels with cream cheese. IF we went to a panera that didn't have them, I seriously threw a tantrum. LOL

Cute pics!!

k and j said...

okay so nolan HARDLY talks. but he seems normal and has his own way of asking for things, etc.

i didn't even take him to his 18 month appt.

it wasn't necessary cuz i don't do shots and he is perfectly healthy. i am not worried about his minimal words :) he will get there.

Danifred said...

The pictures are just amazing.

I wish we had a Panera around when I was pregnant. I could have REALLY used one.