Tuesday, April 5, 2011

21 Weeks!

So we made it through the ultrasound and I shopped my way through the weekend!  It's way too hard to resist those sweet baby girl clothes! :)

On Saturday, I started feeling achy and flu-like.  And then I got that all too common (common for me anyway) pain in my back, which is a sure sign, its a bladder infection.  I went up to L&D and spent the afternoon doing urine samples (I had to do two for some reason) and listening to baby bump and thump all over the monitor.  The nurses were very impressed that they could get a good read of her heartbeat since I was only 20/21 weeks.  She definitely slipped off the monitor a few times and I got to listen to the lovely alarm, but for the most part, she was in the 140's the entire time ;)  Anyways, they had me out of there relatively quickly (4 hours?) and on meds.  Today, Tuesday, I am feeling much better.  I do think I'm having some sinus or allergy problems... I'm hoping the antibiotics I'm on for the UTI will kick whatever junk is in my face/head out....

I'm pretty sure we have a name picked out for this bub... but as always, its a secret.  It feels good to have a name though :)

I feel huge- like wide huge.  Such a difference from my pregnancy with Henry!  Henry was like a basketball- all out in front- it was actually kind of nice because I think the majority of the weight just went straight to my stomach.  This time around its all over- my thighs, my hips, butt, etc.  Blah.  I am 3 lbs above what I started the pregnancy at now.  With Henry, at 21 weeks, I was getting a lecture from Dr. P about putting on too much weight ;) haha- I think with Henry, I had put on at least 20+ lbs by this time... insane!  The funny thing is, I look bigger (body wise) with this baby- even though I weigh about 15 lbs. less!  

Here's me & the watermelon baby bump...

 My body just sort of absorbs the bump huh? ;)

The baby is the size of a banana this week!

I have been feeling oodles and oodles of movement, which is by far, the BEST part of pregnancy!  She is all over the place, and I love it.  My hormones have been all over the map as well.  I don't know what its been, but I've had more melt downs over the past 3 days than I have all year I think.  Saturday I cried in bed for about 30 minutes after the kids went to bed, because I missed my mom.  Sunday, Ryan and I were in the middle of talking about how we think this baby girl is going to complete our family, and I burst into tears because the thought of this being my last pregnancy really got me upset... so strange.  Yesterday, I read Maeve "On The Night You Were Born" and I sobbed the whole way through.  It must have stuck with her, because as soon as Ryan got home, she ran up and told him that we read a sad book today and "mama got so sad."  Speaking of Maeve and the things she says, I'll end this post with what she told me when she ran in my room this morning:

"Mama!  Good morning!  You're so big today!" 

nice ;)

...oh and a photo challenge on this (really) boring Tuesday...
The Paper Mama

The theme is "SURPRISE!"  Maeve's favorite thing to do on the beach is chase the seagulls- the way they swoop so low, always thrills and surprises her ;)

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Shannon said...

Awesome! We kept the name a secret too, so far...about 4 weeks to go. We did a fun poll on our blog for our fam and friends to guess on.:) Isn't shopping for baby girls so fun! I haven't done it in 5 years so I was excited to do another round! Your lil M is cute! Love her words! My H says "your belly is bigger and bigger mommy" hahaha! Silly kids! :) Hope your feeling better!!!

k and j said...

you look good!

i'm a beast!! i gained 9 lbs this past month, woww...so i am 24 weeks and already up 14 pounds!!!!!!! what!