Thursday, February 10, 2011

Future Shamu Trainer... (or something)

Henry boy loves his baths.  I mean, when I turn the water on, its like I've rung the dinner bell or something.  He comes RUNNING to the bathroom.  If I ever want to give just Maeve a bath, forget it.  The kid has got to be in the water as often as possible.

The thing is, his excema gets HORRIBLE with warm/hot water.  So we do have to limit his baths.  But when he gets them, be prepared for a raucus.  :)


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Erin Stomber said...

These are adorable! I love your pics :)

k and j said...

cuuute!! email me or comment on my blog and tell me how to get my pics bigger :)

Meghan said...

OKKKKKK....he is SO cute! He looks so much like Maeve in some of those pics! Its crazy...i got confused! Tell them I love them and give them kissys from me:-) Love you sister!!!

Oh and read my new blog!! Im trying to update it on my europe trip and stuff.