Wednesday, February 9, 2011

13 Weeks

Time is actually going by quickly.  I'm not sure if that makes me happy or sad. 

As I've said a billion times, we're kind of on the fence with having any more kids... so I really, realllllly want to hold onto this time.

I did end up having a UTI last week (Friday, I believe was the day I started my meds.).  My history with UTI's and all things kidney's is not so great.  I've been dealing with these since I was a kid.  I remember sometimes the UTI's would get into my kidneys, and I would be in so much pain, that my dad would literally have to carry me into the ER.  I was afraid when I started running a fever last Thursday that I was on my way to another horribly painful infection.  Luckily, I have a great midwife who is on her toes 24/7 and was able to call in a script for me Friday.  By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around I felt a zillion times better. 

As far as stats/facts go, I'll give you a bullet style list ;)  
  • weight gain= 0... I initially lost some weight, and have now gained it back.   I might be down a pound or something, but basically, I'm right where I started. 
  • food can be my best friend or my worst enemy.  I haven't had any serious cravings for anything... I remember with Maeve, it was oranges, Henry it was... umm everything?  This time around, it seems to vary from day to day.  One thing that remains constant is my love for fizzy beverages.  :)... I know, I know- not the healthiest thing in the world, but sprite for breakfast can be sooooo good.
  •  NO clue on the gender of this kid.  NO clue.  I don't have any intuitions... and I can't even really compare this pregnancy to Maeve or Henry's.  It's been its own, unique experience.
  • I'm still pretty tired... like, all the time.  I'm hoping by the time Disney rolls around I'll have way more energy.
  • I am thankful.  That seems so generic.  But really, that's all I can say- I am just so, so thankful. 

Okay, according to the bump checklist, the lobster is the size of a peach. 

And this is the size of me... (I'm really feeling big..)

HUGE right??!?!?!

And just to drive that point home... this was me preggo at 13 weeks with Henry....

And me preggo at 12 weeks (I don't have a 13 week pic!) with Maeve...

It seems like I carried Henry really low... Maeve was higher?  This one.. I have no clue- its just big belly everywhere... eeek!
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Kelly said...

I'm big everywhere too! I did NOT show this much with the first 2! And I'm just starting to get some energy back (14 weeks today!), so hopefully you will too : )

Jodie said...

You look great! Hopefully the second trimester will be good to ya! I remember being preggo w/my 3rd, and not knowing if I'd have another. Its a bittersweet feeling. Enjoy the pregnancy.

We're leaving for Disney in 8 days! wooohooo! I can't wait! When do you leave?