Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12 Weeks & The "Snow Storm"

Yay!  Today marks the official end of my first trimester.  Unfortunately, my morning sickness doesn't understand that :/... BUT, I was put on Zofran last week and its helped tremendously!  I've taken my "real" prenatal vitamins (versus Flinstone chewables) for about 5 days now, and I've definitely had more of an appetite.  The sicky feeling still creeps up on me now and then, which is annoying, because it seems to happen during meal times (maybe because the smell of certain foods?) for the most part though, I feel like I've turned a corner.  YAY for that!

On top of my 12 week mark, today was also the uh, "Snowpacalypse."   All week, we (Jacksonians/Michiganders) have been warned about this insane snow storm.  People were nuts at Meijers- stocking up on water and canned foods- like we were going to be stuck inside for a week or something.  I am SO glad I didn't really give the storm much of a thought... because we got a whopping 4 inches.  Ha :)  I will admit that the winds last night freaked me out- and I was a tad concerned we were going to lose power, but all was good.  Ryan took work off and feels like a complete idiot.. but that's okay :)  I'm excited to have him home for the day.   To give the weathermen out there some credit, I believe there were certain areas of Michigan that got a good amount of snow... so they were semi-accurate I guess.

This morning, we (okay, Ryan) made a huge breakfast.  There is absolutely NOTHING on the agenda for today and I'm good with that.  I do wish that my kids owned some snow gear... it would be fun to get some pictures of them in the snow.  For now, we're watching it from inside...

Tell me there are not some scary similarities!

And me.... at 12 weeks :)

And for good measure, lets look at how the lobster is growing :)

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Jessy Schoch said...

I have often brought snow into the house!! You know those big bins that go under the bed, I fill one of those with snow and put toys, spoons, cups, bowls, really whatever in there for the kids to play with!! I put one of those cheap plastic table cloth covers down and then a few towels and it's a easy clean up!! They do have to wear gloves still :) It usually keeps my kids busy for a couple of hours, and I don't have to freeze my butt off outside with them :)

You are so teeny tiny by the way!!

Angela said...

I didn't have to take the day off because I got a snow day from my job! We got a ton of snow up here and I was more than happy to have a day off with Kev :) I have a friend who had her kids make mini snow men on a plate instead of going outside...that might be even less messy than the bin!

k and j said...

cuuute belly! thanks for the comment ;) and we aren't finding out so i will have to wait til july. i am excited tho!

Anonymous said...

I just adore your blog! Consider yourself one follower richer! I am hosting another challenge & would LOVE if you stopped by :)
~Angel @