Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not Really {Wordless} Wednesday

Turning the camera on me :)  Actually this is one of her (and my) fave Christmas gifts- I absolutely love to go through her pictures at the end of the day.  I wish there was a way to share them on here, but it didn't come with any hardware :( ...  I can tell you the bulk of her pictures are of the dogs, ceiling fans, close ups of rugs, lights, and Henry :)   


                                                 Henry's eye... looking SO SO SO much better!!! :)

                                                                        Maeve, washing her hands.

                                                                I <3 her little toes.

                                                                 My bubs, giving me a look.


                                  Oh... and me, at 9/10 weeks (I'll find out today how far along I am exactly :)

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Klove said...

Luci has the same camera, hers came with a connecter to get the pics. She loves hers too.

The Williams said...

There isnt a USB port on her camera? Caitlin and Connor both had those cameras and I could hook a cord up and drag them off.

The Williams said...

I just looked at her camera on Amazon and it says that you can use the USB cord but its not included. You probably have one, most point and shoots use the same size. If you dont have one, let me know and I can mail you one of my many.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful shots! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Re the USB cord - my daughter had the same camera and I was able to pull the shots off with the cord that came with my DSLR. Good luck!

Angie B said...

you are TINY!

Angie B said...

you are TINY!

Tammy said...

So cute!! My daughter has that same camera and she LOVES being just like Mommy carrying it around with her!

Ashley said...

oooh thanks for the USB tips!! I might do a "Maeve Photography" post tonight!!!! :)

Miranda said...

Such great pictures!