Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sneak Peaks

***I am participating in"The Paper Mama's"  photo challenge once again :) Participating in all these challenges is connecting me with some FABULOUS, talented, nice and helpful photographers from across the country. It's exciting- even if I continue with my losing streak, I will keep on keeping on :) Fellow photog friends- I encourage you to participate in these challenges!!!  Even if you're a repeat loser (like mua) its loads of photography PHUN! :)

This week, the theme is "Blessings." I took this picture on Thanksgiving (yes, we all know I had a very different thanksgiving this year- it was on the beach!) But the picture sums up the words blessed and blessing for sure.
I am so blessed.

blessings at the beach.  happy thanksgiving!
The Paper Mama


This morning, I woke up to silence.  Rare.

After making a cup of coffee, I found my family, in Maeve's room (door shut and all), playing with dadda. 

Immediately I grabbed my camera (cursed the horrible yellowish lighting our house gives off) and started snapping pictures of moments that I don't ever want to forget.

Take a peak:

typical:  dadda wearing leopard ears and playing the guitar to the kids.

Maeve.... tiger ears & a diaper.  Her 2 wardrobe staples.

she turns away from the camera.  Its alrgiht though... I get to capture that long hula girl hair :)

we did some decorating on Maeve's hot pink tree.

listening to Maeve sing about the mouse.

the man cracking up, watching his sister sing about "Mickey Mouse."

she smuggled my baby cocoon prop in... its now a hat I guess.

wanting the lens... and the camera.


still trying to get her mitts on the lens.

still loving her "Nannah Bread Knots" hat ;)

lots of climbing.

he looks at me like I've lost my mind or something... hmmm. :)

oh.  lola, again.  I guess I do kind of like her.

trying to figure out how to destroy the big black thing in mama's hands.

and this..... is what fuels us.  :)

Happy Sunday Funday!

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oh' boy said...

you and I will be in the losers club together..LOL...but it is fun to TRY...right??? your Thanksgiving at the beach pic is wonderful and magical...good job!!!

Nessa said...

great picture... love her hair.

and I will join that losers club too.

Klove said...

Beautiful pic. I'd vote for you.

Ashley said...

thank you ladies!!! :) It IS fun to try :)... lets keep on! :)

Ashley&BJ Elliott said...

Beautiful photo, she is so pretty and I love the composition!

Leslie Collins said...

great photos!

are you still going to be my friend when you become a professional blogger? :-)

Ashley said...

Probably not les... Sorry, but ya know I've got a rep to keep. Haaaaaaa love you buuuuunches and see you tomorrow am!!! :)

Lisa said...

Love her hair!

Tara said...

Beautiful Picture...she is gorgeous

Kristen said...

lovely picture(s)!!!

Ashley said...

thank you thank you!! :)

L. said...

Your photos are just lovely!

Ashley said...

thanks L.! :)