Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please & Thank you... & a question in between.

Hi friends!

It's bright and early here in the "hand state."  And its cold.  Really, really cold.

As I was downing a few cups of coffee, I decided today was a soup day.

I make soups at least twice a week, if not more.  They're quick, easy, and CHEAP!  :)

My kids aren't the fondest of my soups, but they eat the croutons and cheese, so I guess we're good.

Anywho, back to the task at hand... on this frigid morning... I made my favorite soup- and you should too!  Because..... its QUICK, EASY AND CHEAP!

It's very similar (if not identical?) to the Beach Bar's recipe.  The thing is, I don't follow any of the measurements in that recipe and I don't add all the ingredients.  I cheat.  And I love my crock pot- so I adapted the recipe, and came up with this:

"*KIND* of Beach Bar Soup In The Crock Pot, the easy peasy way"  (that's the name of this recipe)

-1 BIG can of tomato soup + 1 little can of tomato soup (this is adjusted for my family... if you have, say, 5 kids, you probably want to use 2, maybe more big cans of soup.... )

-2 cans of HUNTS "Fire Roasted" diced tomatos with garlic!  (very important they're spiced with garlic and fire roasted!  This is the cheating part!)

-as much 1/2 and 1/2 as you want.  (some days I dump a motherload in, other days, I care about my waist line and add just a bit)

-1 bar of cream cheese

-a few tablespoons of butter

-croutons and mozz. cheese for topping :)

Alright folks, take out your crock pot (whenever- I started mine this morning at 8 AM... but you can start yours at 4 PM and I think you'd still be fine! :).

Dump the soups in.

In your food processor or blender... puree the 2 (or however many you're using) cans of the diced, garlicky tomatoes.

Dump the tomato mixture in.

Slab off a hunk of butter, and throw that in there too.

Put the lid on, set your pot on low and you're done for awhile.  (I told you this is ridiculously easy)

Fast forward to an hour or so before dinner time....

In your food processor or blender, add as much or as little half and half as you'd like.  Throw the bar of cream cheese in and puree.

Pour this mixture into your bubbling, brewing pot of tomato soup.  Stir it around until it makes a lovely orange color.

Wait another hour... (or until everything is hot and well combined)


PLEASE enjoy...

Be a dear, and leave me your favorite, easiest, peasiest, Japanesiest recipe.  THANK YOU  in advance :)


- what should I do with my 3 year old, who tells me she "doesn't do the big girl potty anymore?"

(I know soups + potty= nothing to do with each other... but still, share.)


Manda Williams said...

When Teague tried the "potty quitting" I told him if he wanted to be a baby again that was fine by me but then he could only play with baby stuff. It took about three days. I never made a big deal about the potty part,just "oh okay well if you dont want to you dont have to..." but when things came up, or he asked for something I would tell him he couldn't have that, or do that, or drink that, etc.. because he had decided to be a baby still. In our case he decided he wanted markers instead of crayons .. in the end he wanted them bad enough to use the potty again!

Leslie Collins said...

I am going to give this recipe a try next week! sounds yummy + easy. My kind of food.

I like Manda's strategy on the potty training issue. I think there should be a pt camp where parents ship their children away to get pt'd! hahah.

Funky Fingered Lady said...

Today was soup day for us, too! Broccoli and cheddar, yum! Stay warm!