Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

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I first saw this great idea through Leslie's blog. Upon clicking the link (or the badge) above, you'll see that it takes you to a blog called "Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks."

This is my first time participating in the leftovers, but I have a feeling that this blog hop will be right up my alley :)

  • I accidently bought cracked PEPPER croutons for our soup last night.  To say the least, my children (and I) weren't happy.  About two seconds into the meal Maeve shouts "DATS SPICY MOMMA!"  whoops.
  • I am loving, lovvvving, this whole blog-networking thing.  I don't know how many times I can say it, but its a complete blast blog surfing, hopping, sharing, stalking :)  I love it... :) 
  • How do 2nd, 3rd, 4th (etc.) siblings survive childhood?  Really, I need to know.  I found Henry in his crib this morning with one of Maeve's barbie shoes.  Cue heart attack.  This morning, while the kids were eating breakfast, I went through both of their rooms, with a trash bag, throwing anything out that was smaller than his mouth.
  • Sugar and Spice Coffeemate creamer tastes like bubble gum (thanks LaNae W.!)  I couldn't put my tongue finger on it, but yes, bubble gum it is.  Bubbalicious bubble gum, to be exact.  Don't buy it unless you're craving bubble gum memories from the 8th grade.
  • I know I need to stop complaining about this... but alas, its my blog so here I go:  Henry's going on a month of antibiotics and I am really tired of changing the most rancid, heavy diarrhea diapers EVER.
  • My biopsy is this Tuesday and I'm really, REALLY dreading it.
  • A friend of mine posted a youtube video about the fabulous city of Jackson, MI.  I got some good laughs out of it, and would post it here, but it drops some bombs & this is a kid friendly blog.  However, if you get the chance Jacksonians, look it up on youtube- its sad, but true.
  • My grandma gave Henry (or me, I guess) a hefty gift card to "Gymboree."  I told myself to hold onto it for after Christmas sales, but I got a 20% off coupon in the mail the other day, and I am positive its a sign to go shop.
  • My sewing machine is sitting out on my dining room table again.  Ryan's bummed, as it just adds to the clutter around here.
  • Sometimes I look around on this site, "Anastasia Dunes."  It's where my parents bought their new property and are starting to build. ((AND when you pull up to their property, turn your car off, stop breathing and put on your deer ears, you can almost hear the ocean)) After about 5 minutes looking around on the site at the beautiful homes, I make myself shut the computer off.  I don't need to be reminded of my shortcomings :)
  • I have a huge list of potential posts.  Posts, that I would really like to put some time into, but time is fleeting and I don't seem to have a lot of it these days. 
  • I started "Swagbucking" again... (why did I ever stop?)  Last night I redeemed $20.00 worth of Amazon gift cards on some Eric Carle books for the babes for Christmas.  There are some adorable titles that I had never heard of- like, "Pancakes, Pancakes!" and "Little Cloud."  We are HUGE Eric Carle fans (my kids and I), so I'm excited to crack these open and read 'em.

That's all for this edition of  "Friday Night Leftovers".

Have a fabulooooooosooooo weekend!


Manda Williams said...

Oh yes -- Ashley wait on the Gymbo gift card... sometime in the next two weeks is the 30% off the entire store (even sale) stuff sale and you can stack the coupon on top of it. (Also I am told there is a rumor of a 50% off the store sale..they have signs for it!)

Ashley said...

OH MANDA! NOOOOO! It's burning in my hands! I want to spend it so baddddd! I think I'm going to wait it out though :) You best be right about this sale! :) haha...

Manda Williams said...

Hey -- I get all my information from the crazy gymboree moms message board -- although the girl in our gymboree told me Black Friday that they do have the signage for both!

Ashley said...

I'll wait, I'll wait :) Thanks for the heads up! :)

The "L" in ELF said...

I do have facebook. Send me an email and I'll respond to you there. =)

No problem on the giveaway. I've totally become a giveaway junkie lately!

Danifred said...

I'm so excited you hopped over this week! I love reading new blogs :)
So, is the sugar and spice coffeemate good? I can't imagine coffee with a hint of bubble gum.... hmmmmm...
And, I'm with you, I don't know how any child after the first survives with all the hazards the first presents them with!

Ashley said...

Danifred- to answer your question about the creamer- HECK TO THE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO- its awful! Skip it!!! :)

The Captain's Wife said...

Welcome to Friday Night Leftovers~

I am not a fan of cream in my coffee, thankfully by the sounds of your post - buggle gum? YUCK!

Now the croutons, I (and my 2 year old) probably would have loved. We are a spicy food family :)