Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nativity Scene 2010

The other morning (Monday, I believe) I got out our Nativity scene, which was passed down from my grandma.   At the end of every Christmas season, we pack it away in bubble wrap, inside an insulated cooler- that's how fragile it is.

Honestly, what was I thinking (okay, I wasn't thinking) when I set up the sweet, fancy, schmancy scene.

It was out for mayyyybe 30 seconds before I heard the first "Uh oh."

Maeve had dropped one of the wisemen and snapped off its shephards hook.  (really not that big of a deal, I think I can glue it, and all will be fine).

However, I promptly packed the set back in its comfy bubble wrap and down to the basement it went.

We were at Target the other day, and I found a window peelie Nativity scene.  It's cheesy, bright colored, not really my style- but it tells the story, which is all that really matters.

Back to the other morning (or afternoon, by this point).

I took out the window peelies and we opened our big front window blinds.  One by one, Maeve stuck each piece of the scene on the window.  She had a blast :)

We talked about how baby Jesus is sleeping, the 3 gifts from the wisemen, and of course all the animals.  Unfortunately, at this age, the animals are the most entertaining thing about the story.


So, this Christmas, 2010, our Nativity scene is on our window.

Do you put up a Nativity scene?  Is it kid friendly?  If so, where the heck did you get it??? :)

****a special shout out to Missy for voting for "Mogli ZOOM ZOOM"!**** 

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Manda Williams said...

Ashley-- we have a Little People Nativity - how weird is that? But it's the only kind that seems to survive my kids!

Ashley said...

Manda- YES- Leslie told me about that yesterday (the little people set) I might just have to go and get it- the window one's not cuttin' it :) haha

Katie the Frugal Lady! said...

I also have the Little People Nativity set...I bought it at Target. They had them on sale for $13 a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I think they are not like $29. But its worth it:) Ryan loves to play with it. Ron and I have wanted to start the tradition this year of reading the story of Jesus' birth before opening presents. We have a GREAT kid friendly Christmas story book that I purchased on Clearance after Christmas last year. Well, I shouldn't say its kid friendly. Its kid INTERESTING lol:) It is a pop up book, so you have to watch them with it, but great for bringing out ONLY once a year to keep it exciting:) I think that the Little People set will be a great addition to the Christmas story reading tradition. The kids can act out the story while Dad reads it:)

Sorry...that was probably more than you wanted to know!! You know us bloggers though...we like to talk ;)

Terri said...

Check out ToyHouse-- they have Playmobile nativity sets and a simple, wooden set that we've had since Jack was a little younger than Maeve...

Leslie Collins said...

ash, i think we should invest in a "kid friendly" one. :) I might check out the little people or playmobil. maybe after christmas, there will be a sale @ Target or somewhere.

Ashley said...

haha I was JUST at the toy house this morning and saw a melissa and doug one that was SO CUTE.... 50 bucks though- that's how much I was putting down on my layaway! :)

Les- lets keep scoping out the target sales for the little people one!

Manda Williams said...

They have the Little People nativity at Walmart for $19 Ash.

Anonymous said...

We have several kid friendly ones. One is the little people one too. Elsa likes the angel on top. Another is a set of crocheted puppets. We grew up with a set but my mom lost our original ones, now my mom is making a set for each child and grandchild and Melissa makes sets for her friends. You'll have to ask my mom (Mrs. Hayward) for the instructions - I think you could probably manage to make a set by next year.