Wednesday, November 10, 2010

pom poms & glue...

Today, we're crafting.

Although I can't show you exactly what we're putting together... because they're a surprise ;)

Our final pieces will be brought to Florida with us next week and given to Nana, Poppa & Gigi.

I CAN tell you, that everyone is participating (Henry included) and it is themed for Thanksgiving.

We're having a good Wednesday, are you?

PS- the cat ears & chocolate covering my daughters face has nothing to do with the craft... she was just feeling like a cat today.


madskeegsjack said...

should it concern me that keegan has the same cat disguise as maeve? guess that's why they get along so well!

Ashley said...

haha those wild girls :)

Leslie Collins said...

anxious to see what you are making.