Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Have I got a treat for you! :)

Last night I uhhh, "invented" this amazing recipe that is a MUST share, MUST make, MUST consume, kind of a recipe! :)

I say "uhhh invented" because I am positive that someone, somewhere has put this same combination of ingredients together in the crock pot- but it wasn't in my "Fix It And Forget It!" cookbook, so I decided I must have invented it. (ha.)

This is quick, easy, cheap, delicious- does it get better than that?

I think not.

To make this awesome meal, that I'll call, "Sausage DEEEElight!" you'll need the following:

-jar of spaghetti sauce
-hoagie buns or whatever kind of rolls you want to use (we used the sub length rolls)
-turkey sausage (again- this is just what we used- but you can do any kind of smoked sausage, I'm sure:)
-2 peppers (any color!)
-1 onion
-cheese of your choosing

Chop up the peppers, onion (chop them into strips- like you would for a stir fry :) and sausage, throw it in the crock pot, mix in the spaghetti sauce, turn on low- and heat for 4-6 hours (remember the sausage is precooked :)

Once your house starts smelling delightful and you can't take it anymore, spoon up the sausage/pepper/onion mixture into a hearty hoagie bun. Top it with your favorite cheese (we used swiss:) and CHOW DOWN.

I served this with pasta salad and chips... ehhhh not the healthiest but it was good and my cannibalistic (kiddddding!) husband was happy as a clam :)

Make & enjoy... then tell me how much you enjoyed it:)

good day to all!


Becky said...

ooo..nate would love this! :)

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