Saturday, October 30, 2010

the results.

So I'm not as weird as I thought! Here are the results from that ever so important poll post I made with the help of my pal, insomnia.
36 peeps voted... and here's how it panned out... oh, and because you're dying to know... my answers are included. BAHAH.

Question #1: How many kids would complete your family?
2 kids- 15 people (41,67%)
3 kids- 9 people(25,00%)
4 kids- 8 people (22,22%)
5 kids- 2 people(5,56%)
1 kid- 1 person (2,78%)
6 kids- 1 BRAVE person! :) (2,78%)

My answer was, 4 :) Surprise, surprise- how many times have I blogged about that magic number? Now, don't be shy, who's the lady who wants 6 babies? Post a comment you brave wonder woman you! :)

Question #2: Favorite flower (what riveting questions I came up with)

Other (please comment!) 13 people (40,63%)
Peonies -8 people (25,00%)
Daisies -7 people (21,88%)
Roses 4- 4 people (12,50%)
Magnolias -0 NO LOVE for the mags?!?!?! (0,00%)

Apparently, along with being a less than fab poll questioner, I'm also not buffed up on my horticulture. The majority (40% derrr) picked "other." And because you're sitting on the edge of your seat, saying "PLEASE Ashley... PLEASE tell us what your favorite flower is!!!!" I will... peonies all the way please :)

Question #3- Would you rather go to the dentist or throw up?

Go to the Dentist- 24 people(77,42%)
Throw up- 7 people (22,58%)

AWWWW YEAH- keepin' it real by going to the dentist! This question randomly popped into my head because I spent last weekend with the porcelain bowl. I hadn't puked in so long, and got a fast slap in the face with how much it truly sucks. I thought of some other sucky things in life... came up with the dentist, and that's where THAT piece of randomness came from. Surprisingly, even with my bad luck with getting teeth pulled and such, I would still rather go to the dentist than blow chunks... that's just me though (and apparently 77% of you blog readers :)

Question#... lesser of two evils- birth or breaking a bone?

breaking a bone -15 people (68,18%)
giving birth -7 people (31,82%)

I have to say I was super surprised by this one. I was positive that breaking a bone would get 100%. So who out there, in their right mind, would rather go through the horrors of labor than break a bone? I didn't even specify the bone... it could be a little bone... like a pinky finger, ya know? Hands down, I'd pick a little snap rather than a blow out any day. You 7 people who chose birth must have had those births where the babies practically walk out, and rainbows and unicorns fill the room. And then baby feeds perfectly, your stomach shrinks back to normal, everyone sings "Happy Birthday" and you look like heaven (ANGIE)... I did not have those births. Therefore, I'd rather break something. ;)

Question#5- boy or girl? (are you...)

girrrrrl! -27 people (100,00%)
manly man -0 (0,00%)

I picked "girl." just to let you know :)

Question #6- salty or sweet?

cupcakes, brownies, ice cream and sugar cubes -17 people (60,71%)
pickles, chips, pretzels and a salt lick -11 people (39,29%)

Yahhhhh! I've got sweet toofers with me! :) Did you know that I often "sacrifice" my dinner just so I can eat some horribly fattening sweet thing for dessert? Yup, I do.

Question #7- Do you sleep with the tv on or off?

off -19 people (70,37%)
on -8 people(29,63%)

Could this be the root of my sleeping problems? The fact that "River Monsters" and "Dr. G, Medical Examiner" are playing all night long? Hmm....

Question#8- Can you touch your head to your toes?

yes- 15 people (57,69%)
no -11 no(42,31%)

More than half of my blog can bend their body in half tickle their hair with their toes. Ha.... I'm in the other half. The whole having babies thing has really morphed my body (in case I haven't complained enough about it)... I am that mom in the grocery store who squats down to pick up a bag of dog food, and then has to brace myself while the stars and dizziness spin in my head.

Question #9- do you like your name?

yes- 22 people(88,00%)
no -3 people (12,00%)

awwwww 88 PERCENT of you embrace your name :) that's awesome! I don't. (sorry mom and dad) but the name ASHLEY kind of reminds me of shaggy dog or something... right?

Question #10- Do you suffer from insomnia and do stupid things like (THIS) to kill time?

no- 14 people(56,00%)
yes- 11 people(44,00%)

Well I'm happy that more than 50% of you get some good sleep! But then again, be thankful for the 44% of us who don't- because then you wouldn't have super official, captivating surveys like this one to complete and read.

Now you can say that 57% of Ashley's blog readers can touch their head to their toes. WOW.

And with that...
happy Saturday night! :) -and thanks for playing along ;)