Monday, October 11, 2010

My Pick Monday....

I readJessica's blog . And every Monday, she does a "My Pick." Not sure if she has a copyright on it or if its a thing a lot of bloggers do, but I enjoy reading it :) And I'm giving her the credit for the idea (let me know if I'm totally off!)

SO.... I purchased a product a week or two ago that I am in luuuuuuub with. This would by MY pick for Monday (and Tuesday, Wed, etc. :)

LOOK! (no pun intended:)

It's called "The Falsies" by Maybeline.  And I'm addicted.  I actually get excited in the morning when it comes to mascara time.  The brush is curved and wings your lashes out so far, it seriously looks like you're sporting some "falsies!"   Funny enough, I wore this mascara the other day and a girlfriend (or two :) actually said something to the fact about how they liked my mascara! haha :)  (Les & Jess?  I can't remember exactly what was said, but something about the mascara, right?)

Anyways, go out and get some Maybeline "The Falsies"-  and tell Maybeline to send me a damn check for advertising :)


Leslie Collins said...

it was jess, but then i looked very pretty. :) i will have to check this stuff out and maybe start doing my pick mondays along with my meal planning and muffin tin! haha.

Angela said...

I JUST BOUGHT THAT! I stopped on my way home from work, bought it, and then got home, checked your blog and saw this post....we are definitely twins :)

I can't wait to try it tomorrow am!

k and j said...

next try loreal's telescopic lash. ah-mazing!!