Sunday, October 24, 2010

blue toes.

screw bubbly toes.... I have BLUE toes. And so does Leslie :)

We had a really laid back Saturday... but I suppose if your house is being ravaged by the flu, its going to have to be laid back.

A few days ago (Friday, I believe...) my left eye felt like someone was stabbing it with a fork- nice imagery- but it hurt. I took out my contacts, made an eye appt. and thought that was that.

Later on in the day, I developed a slight fever and a crazy headache. I was thinking this was all derived from my bum eye, until around 8 PM or so.

Eight o'clock on Friday night was when I started my evening in the bathroom... 3 AM is when I ended my evening/morning in the bathroom.

I hadn't eaten anything all day Friday- my family had eaten jambalaya for dinner (nope that wasn't going to work with me) and I thought that maybe if I had some sort of bread, I'd start to feel better. We all drove to Tim Horton's after (their) dinner. The kids got donuts, I got a bagel. Halfway home, I started shaking my head and spitting out the bagel. "Nope, this wasn't the right choice." I told Ryan :)

And thus began my one night stand with the porcelain bowl.

I don't want to gross you readers out, but I also want to explain the severity of this situation. haha :) It went something like this. Chug a glass of water, puke a glass of water. Chug a glass of water, puke a glass of water... and so on, and on. AND ON.

I sat in the bathroom with my blackberry and facestalked in between pukes. I caught up on my cousin's, looked back at old pictures and wrote to anyone that I had plans with that weekend that uhhhhh, I'd need to cancel and reschedule.

My sweet, sweet husband who is a "fixer" of sorts... came in every once in awhile to ask if I wanted toast... (no sweetheart, not at the moment.) He refilled my water and rubbed my back. And made funny comments that made me laugh :) At one point I think I asked (or shouted- because I was in the bathroom and he was in bed-

"Did you eat the cookie dough last night? I think I ate bad cookie dough!"

He shouted back "Yeah I ate the cookie dough..."

"Well do you feel sick?"

"Yeah, kind of.", he said.


"Well I wasn't feeling sick until I started listening to you..."


Around midnight maybe, I abandoned the bathroom and asked Ryan to get me a bowl. But not a kitchen bowl- because how could I ever use it again? He ran downstairs, rummaged through bins and came up with a huge, red Christmas bowl that said "Ho Ho Ho!" Fair enough, I thought. I can guarantee you, the "Ho, Ho, Ho" bucket will be thrown away and not used for candy this year.

I am so confused on times, but I am thinking it was around 3 AM or so that we first heard Maeve's cries. And I'm a tad ashamed to admit that when she first started calling for us, I rolled my eyes and covered my head with my pillow. "TONIGHT IS NOT THE NIGHT MAEVE!"

A few minutes later, we realized that something was wrong with her... poor Maemae... the bug had gotten her.

Ryan, being the super husband and dadda that he is, took over- I slept off my flu hangover thing, and he took on Maeve.

By the time morning rolled around, it was safe to say that we had been through the ringer... all of us- well except for Henry. (I am knocking on A GIANT PIECE OF WOOD RIGHT NOW).

Unfortunately, I had a lot of plans for Saturday. I had a newborn session (which obviously had to be canceled), a pancake breakfast at AppleBees(that uhhhh was not going to happen) and a wine/cheese/pedicure party with some girl friends.

I called the girls, letting them know that my family had been attacked by some crazy bug. It turns out that Leslie and I are such good friends, we not only share laughs, k-cups, hugs and secrets, but apparently, we also share germs. Les informed me that Reyna was throwing up as well.

We (Les and I) figured that we had already been exposed to it... so there was no harm in still hanging out.

I was hesitant- I hadn't eaten anything all day (Saturday) and I was terrified I'd have to make a mad dash to the bathroom at some point.

Everything went great though, and I'm glad I went :)

Via twitter/facebook, we found out that blue nail polish is an "IN" color. We decided to forgo the usual pinks and browns...

After a suuuuper nice (and cheap!) pedi, we flopped over to Tim Hortons (with our blue toes and giant pedi sandals). I was thinking, "Hmmm... what would be a good food to introduce back into my body?"

I decided to go big or go home, and chose cake batter ice cream with brownies and sprinkles. IDIOT.

No, it was fine- it stayed down. We talked, laughed, told stories (I hope Leslie will still be my friend :) and by the time I got home, I had forgotten that it had been such a pukey (pun intended) day.

Sunday morning, we're all feeling much better. Maeve ate breakfast, I drank coffee, and the house is filled with little foot steps and laughter. (and the occasional scream)

WOOOOOO what a weekend!

PS- If you're wondering about my eyeball, I have my 2nd corneal ulcer.  Thankfully I've been told, that with the antibiotics and steroid drops the "oozing and infection" will clear up soon.  Thanks to the CVS pharmacist who shared that with me, and everyone else who was in line. (I could see the squirming..."get away from that oozing eye girl...")

Anyways, have a good Sunday... and ONTO MONDAY!


amj said...

i always have something to say dont i? :) well all it is this time is that i'm glad everyone is feeling better and a tip i got regarding puking (something i have a lot of experience with because of my easily upset tummy) was to wait 20 minutes after an episode before you eat or drink anything. even water. if you need water to wash your mouth out just a tinsy tinsy sip. the reason is that you stomach can still be spasming and toss whatever you put in it right back out....i've thrown up many a glass of water before hearing that too. sucks...enjoy your sunday!!

Nicole said...

I love my blue nail polish!!! Greatest thing since sliced bread! Lol! :-)

Leslie Collins said...

I love my blue toes. And, yes we need to go buy the color b/c Reyna wanted blue toes this morning, too. I look at my toes and they make me smile.

Ps....I just don't think I can be your friend anymore! hahahah. j/k.

Jessica said...

Hey, I didn't know blue was "in." I just bought 2 new blues and am anxious to try them! :)