Tuesday, September 7, 2010

at the end of the day.

this morning was nuts. We ran out of oatmeal- waffles were not sufficient.

We had a playdate, and honestly, I am so preoccupied with the zillion other things going on that I had a hard time even focusing on my dear friends.

Nap time was a lost cause... Henry slept for maybe an hour- Maeve was up singing and jumping on her bed for the ENTIRE length of "nap."

My plan was to make some Thai food for dinner. I realized I didn't have chicken (of course I reached this realization AFTER I opened the noodles, flavoring packs and crushed the peanuts).

Ryan had to mow the lawn which left me in the house with the kids for the remainder of the night. To put it mildly, I was just in a rotten mood. It's not anyone's fault- certainly not my kids- but I was taking out my frustration on them. Just being short with Maeve- (like when she asked for water, then changed her mind and wanted juice... and I actually said to her "Maeve walk out of the kitchen and be thankful for your water.") Or my Mr.Man who ((I THINK)) may be cutting another tooth?!? All he wanted was to be held and all I needed to do was the dishes, tying up some things before Florida, packing, picking up toys, etc. He kept doing his Mogli crawl to me, and instead of just stopping what I was doing and picking him up I muttered under my breath "dear LORD give me a BREAK!"

The beautiful hour of 8 PM finally rolled around. Baths were given, pjs on. Henry was happy again (belly full with milk:) and it was story time for Maeve. I said "ONE book tonight." She picked out 3. Out of pure exhaustion I decided it would take less effort to read 3 than it would to argue about only reading one.

All three books were read and we folded our hands for prayers. I asked Maeve what made her happy today and what she wanted to thank Jesus for. This is how it went.

"Thank you Jesus for mama. Thank you for my Henry. Thank you for dadda. Thank you for nana, and popa, and aunt emi, and aunt meg, and uncle ty, and uncle al. I love the park. I love ice cream."

I told her those were very nice prayers and asked if there was anything else she wanted to thank Jesus for... she flung back her head, started giggling and said "YOU SWEET MOMMA!"

At the end of the day... My.Heart.Melted.

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jennifer said...

They have a way of bringing us back, don't they? I can't tell you how many times my kids have convicted me of being focused on the less important things.