Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Turnoff :)

I love all the blogs out there with witty little "blog days"- like "Not Me Mondays" and "Thoughts For Thursdays", etc. I have nothing significant to share with you all tonight... just feeling the need to sit up and type (thanks insomnia). So I named this Tuesday, "Tuesday Turnoff." Here's a ((condensed)) list of things that just, well, turn me off.

-country clubs
-huge earrings
-raw chicken
-dog hair
-emptying Maeve's potty
-soupy ice cream
-cold coffee
-super sunny days that give me blinding headaches
-trucks and/or cars with giant decals that say "Babygirl" or whatever... on them
-kids who scream in Maeve's face just to scare her (ughhhh...)
-the fact that Coldstone costs me 5 bucks
-my neighbor's pristine yard
-grumpy people
-those amigos at Walmart... I got hit by one today
-touching the ATM
-touching the Redbox screen
-ahhhhh touching anything that anyone else has touched!? :)
-the smell of corned beef
-my cell phone ringer (had to finally change it from "Baby Got Sauce")
-stupid debt collectors who don't understand that a "JASON KIDD" DOES NOT RESIDE IN THIS HOUSE.
-people who don't like Disney- (yes there are people who don't like Disney... I read a comment on facebook today by some woman who was saying how she was glad she experienced "it" but wouldn't ever do it again. WTH? that's not even right... MAJOR turn off)
-repeats of dateline on Friday nights....come on- there have GOT to be some mysterious things happening out there... get me some new datelines!
-custard in donuts
-cheap people (yahhh there's a difference between cheap and thrifty :)
-the competitive nature of the photography business (especially in this area- OUCH!)
-bloody noses (which I've been getting now for months... time to see a doc I suppose)

how random is that list?!?

what are your tuesday turnoffs? :)


Jessica Perry said...

fun list! I just made corned beef last night, and I must say that if you don't wash the pan out right away, it leaves the worst stench throughout the house!

Ashley said...

EWWWWWWWWW Jess Corned beef! :( BLEEEEEhhhhh! I found out I was preggo with Henry the day we had corned beef- and I puked it all up... I can't stand the smell or look of it :( EEK!