Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my love affair.

This post is dedicated to Angela. :)

Hello. My name is Ashley and I have an addiction to Coldstone Creamery. I mean- I really need an intervention. The only other time in my life I've felt so compelled to eat a certain food is during pregnancy... and nope, I'm not with child.

I might have been able to keep this addiction a secret... but I saw a friend at Coldstone the other day and I think the cat is out of the bag.

I feel the need to let it out: I go to Coldstone EVERY DAY. EVERY.STINKIN.DAY.

It's okay if you want to "moo" at me. I understand. But let me explain...

A few weeks ago I met with Stacia (Schmitt) the lovely lady who just birthed Mr.Caleb. I asked if she wanted to meet at Starbucks (isn't this where you go for "meetings?" :) And in her cute pregnant way, she hinted she needed ice cream. I thought "Okay... you're the preggo, why not?"

I had been to Coldstone before but never really found anything that was just to DIE for, ya know? And in fact, at our meeting, Stacia got the cake batter remix thingy and I just got a coffee. I have to admit that during our entire meeting I was staring at the sprinkles and brownies in her ice cream. I thought to myself "I've got to try that sometime..."

A few days later, I swung by with the kids. I got a kids size of cake batter, sprinkles and brownies (minus the fudge). It was like pure euphoria. I don't have a clue why I am so drawn to this place... or why I have to go there like... ALL THE TIME. And the way it taunts me with their "OPEN 24 HOURS" sign?!?! I mean, this could potentially be disastrous!

My plan of attack, as crazy as it may sound has been this: Coffee in the mornings, a sandwich for lunch and ice cream for dinner. Yes, you read right- ICE CREAM FOR DINNER. I've been opting to have a stupid kids scoop of ice cream over a meal. This is bad...really bad. However, I have not gained a single pound- I am pretty sure its the substitution of ice cream over dinner.

I reached an all time low last night. I had a newborn shoot- right down the street from my house. My mom had made spaghetti and I KNEW I wasn't going to have any- because, well, Coldstone was calling my name. I told them to go on and eat without me (and after a lot of arguing, they agreed they'd just eat). The newborn shoot lasted maybe a hour or so? After the shoot, I got in my jeep and tried to turn my car right (the direction of home). It turned left (the direction of Coldstone). I KID YOU NOT- the entire way to Coldstone, there was a battle in my brain - "GO HOME- eat spaghetti!"...."GET TO COLDSTONE ASAP!" -yes, quite the battle :)

I ended up at Coldstone. I was the ONLY one in the parking lot, which made me feel even more of a lonely heffer. I walked in, (silently said a prayer that it wasn't the same little guy that has waited on me time and time again- it wasn't) ordered my heaven on earth, walked out to my car, turned on Jack Johnson and SCARFED IT DOWN. Picture this people- ME, sitting alone in the parking lot, practically inhaling bite after bite of this ice cream creation.

After it was gone, I looked at the empty cup and spoon. I felt ashamed :) haha! My immediate thought was "I need to get rid of this! My mom and Ryan will know I came here again!" (Like its a drug or something... which to me, it practically is). I threw the cup and spoon into the trash (this, requiring me to get out of my car) and who pops up behind me? The little guy that waits on me nearly every day. He said "Are you coming or going?" I replied, "Ummm going. haha." He said "Oh well I'll see you tomorrow!" With which I replied "Yeah you probably will, haha!"

I need a Coldstone intervention. It's all I think about- I purposefully eat hardly anything (besides a turkey sandwich) during the day- JUST SO I CAN EAT A KIDDIE CUP OF ICE CREAM AT NIGHT.

Last night, Ryan and I were lying in bed, talking about Ryan's first day at his big, new job (more on that, in a separate post later:)... he was in the middle of saying something and I just blurted out "I WENT TO COLDSTONE AND SAT IN MY CAR IN THE PARKING LOT EATING ICE CREAM. THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T COME HOME FOR DINNER!" I kid you not- we sat there laughing for probably 20 minutes.

ohhhhhh myyyyyy... anyways, this is probably the dumbest post in the history of blogworld. But since this blog is to update what's going on "these days", it would be an abomination to leave out my serious affliction with Coldstone Creamery and their addictive cake batter ice cream.


(hope you enjoyed that ang :)


Angela said...

Loved it! (no pun intended) I used to have an addiction to the cake batter remix, but then my coldstone changed hands. It was closed for months. I would go there all the time just to see if it had opened again, only to be devastated time and again. By the time it reopened I had kicked the habit.

Katie said...

Hahaha!! I'm dying over here! It's sad, but I SOOO know what you mean...I actually have a slightly healther addiction, but also a bit more pricey, yep SUSHI!! I could eat it everyday, seriously! I've actually went there for lunch...ALONE, told Don I was at Target....and well, I did go to Target, but like your car my car turned in the direction of SUSHI!! :O I think it's like an outlet of some sort....away from the kids, our own littley guilty pleasure, shhhhh no one has to know....well, except now "the cat IS out of the bag!" LOL!!

The Paulk's said...

Every time I see Coldstone I think of Dr. Hayward :)...he used to talk about how he wanted to oen one up in Jackson. I remember that so clearly :)! Sadly, I have never been there but hope to since we have one nearby!